Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teenage Dream Come True

Circa 1996 or so I had a major obsession with Ryan Klesko who played for the Atlanta Braves at the time. Obsession may be an understatement but we don't have all day here to describe 1996-1998. I went to countless Braves games over those few years and saw him a lot during batting practice and he would throw me a baseball, but I never got to meet him.

Fast forward 15 years and BAM!

I've been waiting 15 years for this moment and I look like I just washed up on the beach and I was sweating so bad! I saw him then I called Eric and he talked me into going back inside for a picture. It took EVERY ounce of courage I had to go up to him after I was hiding out in the dog treat aisle. He was so nice and tried to make conversation with me but I was so nervous I pretty much ran off after this picture.

I wish I had some of my Klesko things with me but all 2 storage boxes are at my parents' house. I did have my tshirt jersey that I sleep in with me from the beach trip but that may be sort of scary if I busted it out and said I've been sleeping in this for 15 years.

He was so nice and give me this baseball and signed it for me(!) which is displayed in my dining room the former home of my Cam Newton poster (sorry Cam you are second string now).

When I first saw Klesko I thought wow he got old, then I realized I did too. He was a lot younger than I am now when I was such a "fan". I guess it happens. He told me he will be at the Braves game August 20th and then the same weekend at an event in Montgomery. I guess I know what we are doing next weekend...

Who was your teenage crush, ever met them?


Rachel said...

I think you look great!

I'm glad you worked up the courage to get a picture with him. What a neat story to be able to tell your grandchildren one day. :)

alanna rose said...

Chris Osgood, goalie for the Detroit Red Wings. I am pretty sure I still have a scrapbook I made of newspaper articles about him...I met him at an autograph event, 14 yr old me was convinced he would want to talk to me, the reality was we were cattle herded through a line and had about 5 seconds of face time.

Funny thing is, my husband looks a lot like Ozzy ;)

You look super cute in the picture!

dara said...

OMG...I was soo in love with him back in '95-'96. My girlfriends and I each had a guy on the team that were our heartthrobs. Steve Avery, David Justice, Ryan Klesko, and I think there were a few more. I also bought there pennant and movie when they won the world series that year. I am soooo jealous that you got to meet him. I know I wouldn't have enough courage to go up and ask for a picture or anything. It makes me nervous thinking about that. How Exciting!

Kat said...

Funny--I could never stand Ryan Klesko. But then again I pretty much couldn't stand anyone on the Braves! Phillies fan here:) But how cool of you to meet him! And after all these years. Does he work at the Bass Pro Shop?? My crush was Lenny Dykstra--center fielder for the Phils. When I think about it, he was pretty disgusting back in the day and now I even think he's in jail! Never got to meet him though. Funny thing...those teenage crushes:)

Kayla said...

I always liked him too! I live in Atlanta and we've been big Braves fans for years. I always had a little bit of a crush on John Rocker, before he turned into a complete nutjob!

Nikki said...

Hahah! In the dog treat aisle. I met Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rivers from Weezer.

Ben and Emily said...

I am beyond jealous! I love Ryan Klesko too! When I was 3 or so, I had a huge huge huge crush on Dale Murphy! I would kiss him when I saw him on TV. ha!

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