Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pinterest Part 1

Are you on Pinterest? I've been resisting for a long time but then I realized I was "pinning" anyway. I usually right click on several photos a day to save on my computer. Then I have to upload them to Shutterfly where I have different folders.

Now by pinning I simply pin and it saves the web address so I can always link back to that room, party or recipe. So many cool things to see even if you don't care about pretty house pictures. Seriously Pinterest is the best invention ever. Find my boards HERE. Want to learn how to use Pinterest click HERE for a great video.

I haven't transfered images in a few months so I am cleaning off my computer pictures and putting them on my blog so they can be pinned. I am having to break it up into several posts so bear with me. At least there are pretty pictures to look at! I don't usually save photo sources so if you know where the image came from let me know. Now if I could only transfer all those Shutterfly images to Pinterest.

Oh and I've never gotten that pin icon on my menu bar, I've just been saving from my favorites tab. How do I get that pin?

holly mathis interiors

the lettered cottage

pottery barn

the pleated poppy

the happy home

toby fairley?


dara said...

I totally just "pinned" a few of your images that I loved. You definitely need the "pin" button on your toolbar, it makes it so easy. When I first signed up it showed you how to put it on your toolbar, so I am not sure how to do it now. good luck, I will look for you on there.

Kat said...

I think you can get it when you add a new board. All you gotta do is drag it to your bookmarks bar and you're good to go. Love your pins, girl!

Nikki said...

If you right click up on your bar up there and add your favorites bar it should show up!

I will follow you...follow you wherever you may gooooo!!!!

I wish I could say I were drinking right now...

Sarah said...

HI! Love, love, love your blog AND style!!! The photo of the baby clothes hanging from a branch is from the blog The Happy Home...an Austrailian mom and designer....love her blog too!

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