Thursday, July 14, 2011

NYC review

Ok I'll wrap up our New York City trip today with some answers to a few questions.

We stayed at the totally renovated in April
Sanctuary Hotel , right off of Times Square. This is our view from the front steps of the hotel and you can see Times Square peeking through.

There were street view rooms but ours wasn't. This was the view from our room, a church and a sliver of Times Square. It was fine because we weren't in our room much. The church bells did ring at 7:30 every morning so if you like to sleep late that might not be a good thing. It was for us because we had so much to do we didn't have time to sleep late!

I had read being close to Times Square you wouldn't be able to sleep because of the noise. It was really quiet except for Saturday night we could hear Times Square noise.

I had several people tell me not to stay in the Times Square area but we got a great rate on this hotel, $199 a night. For the first time in NYC it was a great location because it was within walking distance to so much and the sub station was right around the corner. Next time we may stay in another area of the city but this location was great.

I was told the rooms in NYC would be tiny so I was prepared and actually thought our room would be smaller than it was. Sitting on the bed you were looking into the all glass shower which had a curtain to close off it and the sink. The toilet had a door.

Standing at the door. Our rooms were super clean and the bed was very comfy. If I was going to stay in the Times Square area again I would for sure stay at Sanctuary.

To get from the airport to our hotel we took a Taxi. I think it was $26.

The rest of the time we rode the subway. We used several iPhone apps to help navigate the subway:

NYSubView--this was good to have a quick map to look at.
NYC Subway--you can route out where you want to go and it will tell you which subway to take.

Even with these apps we did get turned around a few times but the apps helped a lot.

When Eric wasn't taking pictures of me from behind he was taking mid talk pictures on the subway.

Other than the subway we walked. We probably walked more than we should have but on a map everything looks so close. I liked to use a good ol paper map (remember those) to help me know where we were.

NYC Way app - it tells you where you are and you can pin different locations you want to go to. Pretty great way to figure things out.
I also printed out a map of each neighborhood with marks of things I wanted to see/do to keep in my purse. I ended up using it as reference more than the iPhone.


I bought a pair of Born Hilary Sandals for the trip and they are the only shoes I wore the whole time. They have a tiny bit of padding and arch support. My feet hurt but they would have no matter what I would shoes have worn. I don't wear shorts only dresses and skirts during the summer so comfortable shoes would have looked redonk. I do think I could have gotten away with some cute Keds or Toms so those may be an option if you want comfort but still look cute.

Was it super hot?
Not really it was hot standing in the sun but remember I live in Alabama where it was 145 degrees and 126% humidity at 9pm. When we got to NYC I was wearing a tissue cardigan and the hotel staff kept going on and on about how I was going to melt. I guess I should be thakful to live in a hot/humid climate so when I am in a normal summer temp I think it is cool.

It did rain a few days but nothing too bad. I would have loved to go during the spring or fall but with Eric's schedule this was the best time for a vacation. Althought it ended up being a super busy time with his work so I took a lot of pictures of him on the phone....

Fav place to eat:
Well that would be Shake Shack. Their burgers were just so good. We only ate there once made 2 other attempts but both times the line was out the door around the block. Why oh why did we not wait?

Other than that we really enjoyed Serendipity 3. We did make reservations, not sure how long we would have waited otherwise so you might as well make reservations.

Did you like Jersey Boys?
Oh yes I did, Jersey Boys has been on my list for a long time and what better stage to see it than Broadway?! The actor that played Frankie Valli sounded just like him and the other actors were great as well. It was just a smart play and I cried like I always do during plays. I think I was a Broadway star in my past life.

I didn't want to take a chance on not getting tickets so we bought ours online in advance. But they did have the at the TKTS booth for 30% off while we were there. The theater was tiny in the way of leg room. I think my 3 year old nephew would have been short on leg room. But it was worth it and you do get to get up during intermission.
Oh and an fyi there is a lot of cussing particularly the F word so you may not want to take your kid.

For you locals Jersey Boys is coming to Atlanta next spring! We are planning on going.

The other play we saw was The Addams Family. It was cute and the set design was smart. I love to see the sets get changed. It was good for kids and also adults with some adult humor thrown in. And Brooke Shields was great.

I think that is it. The only regret is not seeing a play every night! Let me know if you have any other q's.


Michelle said...

aww I sooo miss NY!
I was just thinking- oh those sandals are so cute, i wonder where she got them..and then you told us! ha!

Nikki said...

Haha! Eric on the phone is too funny. My Husband does that and it's not even work related ;)

I'm so cheap, $199 a night still seems like a lot to me, but it looks like a nice hotel!

classic • casual • home said...

SUCH a fun trip. Our daughter just graduated from NYU and stayed there! So, I recognize Washington Square. I am going back in Sept. Loved your trip.

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