Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Friday we started off by walking to the Garment District. I loved the old buildings with rows of mannequins. I loved imagining all the creative minds creating away inside the buildings.

I really wanted to get my photo with the button and needle and was happy when we walked right up on it.

Of course a trip to Mood had to happen. Talk about overwhelming! Eric thought I should run around the store like they do on Project Runway. lol. I had to buy something so I walked away with a really subtle orange and blue pinstripe for a skirt. Again with Eric taking pics from behind.

We then walked over to Grand Central Station. It is a beautiful building.

So amazing! I would have loved to spend more time here but Eric and I were both feeling really sick so we didn't hang around for long. We took the subway back to the hotel and took 3 hour naps which was the best thing we could have done.

After we woke up we rode over to Chelsea. I loved this super charming little building!

Back to the hotel to get ready to see Jersey Boys!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to see this play for about 5 years so I was so excited. And guess where we had our pre theater dinner? McDonalds! Eric thought the play started at 7 instead 8 and didn't understand why I was trying to find a restaurant when it was so close to 7. He thought we only had time to grab something quick. At McDonalds he ate his burger in 3 bites. I asked him why he was eating so fast and he asked why I was eating so slow since he thought we were already missing the play. I am sure this is only funny to us, I am laughing about it right now.

Saturday was our last day in NYC so we still had a lot to fit in. We started off by going to China Town and walked our way over to Little Italy. On Mulberry/Canal all the restaurants were getting set up for lunch with their tables on the sidewalk. It was so cute.

Look how tiny Eric looks next to the column.

From Little Italy we walked down to the World Trade Center site. It was hard to imagine being there on 9/11.

From there walked over to Wall St and Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty.

Oh Lady Liberty

We rode the subway up to a very crowded Soho. You couldn't really move around so we didn't hang around long.

Next stop was Washington Square. I loved this fountain and wish that Auburn would build one at the park down the street from our house.

Oh yeah we stopped by the Smithsonian Natural Museum of the American Indian and if you know Eric you know how happy he was to be there!

We were planning on going to the Natural Museum of History but we got on the express subway instead of the local subway and it took us like 400 streets past where we were suppose to be. Combine that with a totally packed out subway car full of people that thought they were on the local and we decided to change our plans. Eric went to the TKTS booth and bought our tickets to see The Addams Family.

It was a cute show and I am so happy we went. Why The Addam's Family you ask?

Brooke Shields was playing Morticia. See Eric in the background behind her. lol.

After the play we wanted to stop by Shake Shack for one last burger but the line was wrapped around the block. Boo hoo, I guess we will just have to make another trip!

Saturday we packed up and flew back to Alabama. Land of the trees and green grass and houses and no yellow cars and no crowds and no one honking horns and real heat and real humidity and restaurants that serve real portions of food and best of all SWEET TEA! We were also happy to see Claire who stayed home alone but thanks to her Uncle Joe Tater and fav neighbor Ms. Leigh she was one happy puppy.

I've got to run so tomorrow I will answer some details questions I've gotten.


Deborah said...

Next time you're in NYC, plan to go to Shake Shack and just wait in the line. It goes much faster than it looks like it does. And it's worth it. But only go to the one in Madison Square Park. It's the one where they filmed all those scenes in Something Borrowed, and it's the original.

hartmom said...

Loving all the pictures...very good job getting the beautiful buildings. And you and Eric look very cute too :)

This will crack you up...last night on Jeopardy the clue was the university where Cam Newton played football. None of the constestants knew the answer! My daughter and I could not believe it...and we're in Los Angeles not Alabama! Who doesn't know where Cam Newton played?! Seriously. It made me think of you.

Nikki said...

Man you guys packed it in! Love the photo of Eric behind Brooke Shields..ahahah!

Looks like it was an awesome trip and I'm so jealous. But there really is nothing like home huh?

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