Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deck Paint?

Ugh to our deck why do you have to be so difficult?

I guess I should quit whining because I am grateful to have this space, even with worn out wood and peeling paint. When we moved in our deck was painted this red color and it was an ugly hot color, not like a good red.

Oh and you want to know something special. See those foot prints? They are mine from when the house was getting ready to go on the market and we would sneak over and look in the windows. The deck paint was wet and I got foot prints all over it. If I had only know that a year later we would buy the house I would have taken a hose to the wet paint.

Right when we moved in I painted it in stripes-only pic I can find.

But never got around to painting the red side boards.

2 years later and the paint has faded, worn and chipped off. We thought about sanding the paint off but paint that is in between the boards would show. It was decided we would start over with a fresh wood deck but keep the old supports. My dad came to town to help with the project but he and Eric couldn't pry the old boards off. The screws were stripped so only 1 board was replaced :(

This is how my sad little deck looks today

I have given up my dreams of a wood deck so now I am trying to decide what color to paint it. Any suggestions????????????

The colors in the back are grey house, green door, and orange fabric.

(photo taken last year, the door trim is now a creamy white)

I am thinking just match the house but that is sort of boring. Maybe a mix between the house and the door color? Please help a sister out!


Nikki said...

If you really want a wood deck, couldn't you get thin slats and top it off, instead of replacing it all?

I think you should do something like this

Kat said...

I'm sure you've checked out good ol' Pinterest, right? I just typed in "painted deck" and there's some on there that look good. I'd go with something muddy looking--like your house color. You could always use an indoor/outdoor rug there too to add some pop.

I'm so thankful for our deck too, even though it needs some major attention also!

MJ said...

I'm so glad you posted this! We moved into our house in October and have a fabulous back porch...except the wooden decking is looking pitiful! The paint is peeling and is showing several colors underneath. I'm planning to wait until fall to paint, but am definitely looking for suggestions! I can't wait to see what you choose! :)

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

I'd match the house color and have fun with a big outdoor rug. You can bring in your colors there.

alanna rose said...

Oh ugh. Our new house has an ugly red deck too. Why do people think that decks should be that hideous color?! Give me a weathered, grey deck any day, I love the way the wood ages.

How about a really dark grey?

glorystory said...

I love that link that Nikki posted! That's really cool. I've got a similar issue with my deck, but can't afford a whole new one. It's 10 y.o., never been painted and one board ooozes sap. I'd like to replace that and then stain the whole thing a deep dark jacobean with a little bit of a sheen to it so it looks like an out door living room!

glorystory said...

This isn't a bad idea either:

skye @ neathering our fest said...

I love the idea of matching it to your house paint color so it seems more like an extension of the house and then using an outdoor rug for great pop of color and to break it up a little! :)

We are in the middle of building a huge deck in our backyard to cover the portion of our yard that is completely useless (because it slopes at about a 45 degree angle off the back of the house) and I would love to paint it but I think my husband might kill me if I suggest it! I can't want to see what you decide to do and live vicariously through your deck painting fun!

Malia said...

What about a couple shades darker than your house? Also Sherwin-Williams has a great app that you can take a picutre and pick colors from your picture and find coordinating shades. Definitely fun to play with.

Elz said...

I'd paint it a few shades darker than the house paint or the trim color. And go with a rug like other said!

The Wileys said...

ITA with painting it the color of the house (or in a different shade of gray) and then getting an outdoor rug. You can change that out MUCH easier than painting all over again.

dara said...

You should paint it like an outdoor rug. If you paint it then you will always it there with out having to worry about the rug getting dirty. Plus it will always look good. You might have to do a few touch ups here and there. You could incorporate the green from your door or the color of the school where your hubby works. for example here:, here: and here:

Can't wait to see what you decide!

Wendell Palmer said...

Hmm… Matching the paint with your exteriors can be a good idea. But if you want to have some fun colors without hurting the color combination, you can try to search for some combos available online. Here, I’ve searched one for you ( I hope that can help you out! You can also search for any combination you like in that site. ;)

Kylee Groves said...

I hope that you didn’t completely lose hope for your wooden deck. For me, it doesn't look that bad. It still has the chance to regain its original beauty if you give it a fresh coat of paint. Look for something that is suitable for wooden decks. Try using shiny laminate paint. It will surely give your deck a sticky and glossy appearance.

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