Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Day, Another Skirt

It seems that this summer is shaping up to be like the past few where I get in a sewing mode. I usually make several dresses but this year I have been on a skirt kick. Oh and a baby blanket/quilt kick I've made 4 in the last 2 weeks!

Last summer I bought this skirt at Target. I think they were calling it the camp skirt, but anyway I love it. So comfy and cute pockets. I also think that JCrew has a version and I have the Lands End Canvas version.

Of course they don't have them again this summer. So sad. But I was able to find a pattern for almost the exact skirt! Simplicity 2258. Last week when Simplicity patterns were 99 cents at Hobby Lobby I added this one to my cart.

The "camp" skirt was super simple to make. Since it was my first one it took almost 2 hours but I think I can do the next one in an hour or less.

Some changes I will make the next time are:

*A bigger size. Patterns usually run different from your normal size but this one was WAY off. Per the measurements I made a size 14. My normal size is 4/6. It was a little more snug than I prefer so I will bump the size up to 16 next time. Also I like the fullness of the Target version, while I know this pattern is more A-line will it be more full with a bigger size?

*Cut the length longer. I had to do a tiny hem.

*I also think it would be so cute to do the pockets and belt in a contrasting fabric. They are hard to notice.

I am planning on using chambray for the next skirt. I may tackle that this weekend. I can't decide if I like or hate the fabric I used for the skirt. In a way it is 70's cool but then it is also 70's ugly. Oh well it was only $4.


Kat said...

Awesome job! I agree, I think it would look cool with contrasting pockets and sash. But, hey for $4, ya can't beat it!

Rachel said...

It's adorable!! I'm jealous of your mad sewing skillz!

Hannah Dixon said...

I love the fabric...I think it looks vintage & expensive!

Nikki said...

Super cute! Make this one next!

llaMc said...

So cute. I love this fabric!

hartmom said...

Looks adorable and love that you are such a good cool!

MJ said...

Love it! Did you buy your fabric at good, ol' Wal-mart? Or Joann's? I know I've seen it somewhere. :) It looks adorable!

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