Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Day, Another Skirt

It seems that this summer is shaping up to be like the past few where I get in a sewing mode. I usually make several dresses but this year I have been on a skirt kick. Oh and a baby blanket/quilt kick I've made 4 in the last 2 weeks!

Last summer I bought this skirt at Target. I think they were calling it the camp skirt, but anyway I love it. So comfy and cute pockets. I also think that JCrew has a version and I have the Lands End Canvas version.

Of course they don't have them again this summer. So sad. But I was able to find a pattern for almost the exact skirt! Simplicity 2258. Last week when Simplicity patterns were 99 cents at Hobby Lobby I added this one to my cart.

The "camp" skirt was super simple to make. Since it was my first one it took almost 2 hours but I think I can do the next one in an hour or less.

Some changes I will make the next time are:

*A bigger size. Patterns usually run different from your normal size but this one was WAY off. Per the measurements I made a size 14. My normal size is 4/6. It was a little more snug than I prefer so I will bump the size up to 16 next time. Also I like the fullness of the Target version, while I know this pattern is more A-line will it be more full with a bigger size?

*Cut the length longer. I had to do a tiny hem.

*I also think it would be so cute to do the pockets and belt in a contrasting fabric. They are hard to notice.

I am planning on using chambray for the next skirt. I may tackle that this weekend. I can't decide if I like or hate the fabric I used for the skirt. In a way it is 70's cool but then it is also 70's ugly. Oh well it was only $4.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nephew Weekend

Friday I took the day off of work to pick up my nephew for a weekend with his aunts & uncles down south.

Our first stop was DeSoto Caverns. It was the first time at DeSoto Caverns for both of us and the first time for Brooks to go to a cave or cavern.

There are also a lot of other things to do besides the caverns and they have some nice picnic areas. I am a sucker for cheesy gift shops and this one fit the bill. When we walked in and saw the set up of rocks & gems for sale, I knew it was going to be a special place. Surprisingly we made it out with 2 marbles and a toy cork gun.

My camera battery died after that first shot so everything else is taken from my little camera that dates back to the same time the caves were discovered.

After we had our fill of the caverns our next stop was the Blue Bell factory.
I love factories as much as tacky gift shops but we got to Blue Bell too late for a tour. They had big windows where you could watch production, we loved it.

We did make a stop in their gift shop and came out with a cow tattoo and a ice cream popper toy.

The best part a big scoop of ice cream is only 50 cents! Load me up. The best flavor we tried was the Birthday Cake, sooo good.

When we finally made it back to Auburn we went to visit Eric at work and he drove us up to the complex on his golf cart.

Where we had to get a picture with the National Championship trophy!

Brooks could choose anything he wanted to do for the night and he chose bowling. I haven't been bowling since 2001 so I forgot how much fun it was. Brooks won!

We finished the night with dinner at Five Guys and a trip to Hibbits. I think we did our job and wore him out, he slept almost 12 hours Friday night!

Saturday after many heated games of wiffle ball we took Brooks to my sister Angie's house. She and Joe took him to a Montgomery Biscuits baseball game. Before the game Brooks participated in a little clinic put on by the players. He was even interviewed for the news!

During one of the wiffle ball games a neighbor stopped by and invited us to visit his garden. When we got back into town we walked over to his house. I can't even describe how awesome his "garden" is. Right in the middle of town is his amazing space. Maybe one day I can get some pictures or better yet a magazine needs to get over there asap. Eric was on cloud nine because this guy also happens to be a "celebrity" in the tree grafting world (lol!) and propagates many of his own lillies and other plants.

Saturday was also mine & Eric's 6th Anniversary! Since we are going to NYC soon we celebrated in Auburn at our favorite restaurant Amsterdam Cafe.

I had this little cookie cake made for us, it is suppose to be a "6" but looks more like a "b". Oh well it still tasted great.

I had the very tasty shrimp & grits and Eric stuck to his usual steak sandwich.

When we got home we exchanged gifts. We always give a gift from the "traditional" anniversary gift list. 6 years was candy.
I wrote Eric a little poem with candy to match.

I told Eric I felt sorry for him because no matter what he did it wouldn't be as awesome as my candy poem. But he did get major points for "6" Reese Cups & my fav and elusive peanut butter M&Ms.

So wow that was long. If you are still reading you deserve a prize, how about some candy?!
Anything interesting happen during your weekend? Have you ever taken your nephew or niece for the weekend? If not do it soon, it was so fun and I hope that Brooks remembers it for as long as we do.

Friday, June 24, 2011

6 years

Just when I thought I was getting over Cam guess what hit newsstands yesterday

Cam Newton in GQ? Yes please!

Did this have to come out the weekend I am celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary? It is ok, Cam wasn't named on of the
14 Important Figures to Auburn's Program. But guess who was, yeah my real husband?
Saturday is our wedding anniversary, oh I already mentioned it, well I am a little excited. Eric was originally suppose to get the sod for the new practice fields installed over the weekend you know of our wedding anniversary.

So instead of me being alone all weekend I decided to meet my sister halfway, pick up my nephew to spend Friday and Saturday morning with us. Then I will ship him off to my other sister's house for the rest of the weekend. "Auburn Aunts" Weekend 2k11. It should be fun times!

And since the sod was delayed I will get to celebrate my anniversary after all!

Happy Anniversary to my Boo, 6 years of loving youuuuuu!

Oh that pesky little bow tie, we had to stop the wedding so I could straighten it.

And to leave you all this weekend I pulled up this little gem. We totally had it on our wedding rehearsal video. Nobody rocks it like Uncle Jesse.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My New Fav Painting

Have y'all seen the Townhouse Crackers commercial with Patrick Dempsy as the narrator?

I am obsessed with the art in one of the scenes. This wonky screen shot is the only photo I can rig up of the painting behind the sofa. The painting is amazing and reminds me of the rocks near our family lake house.

I have an amazingly talented friend that could whip that painting up in a few hours. Mary Kathryn are you listening???!!!! You could paint this for me in your spare time ya know. Pleaseeeee I'll even let you borrow my DeMarcus Ware jersey...

Don't you think that commercials or actually everything should have resource lists?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Weekend

We made a quick trip up to the lake over the weekend. It was a quiet and relaxing trip. Add in a couple of pretty scenic detours on the ride home and it was a perfect weekend.

the men built a dog water ramp out of the old deck, Claire loved it

and kids did too

fresh veggie summer lunches are the best: juicy tomato, green beans, fried okra, cabbage, field peas, fried squash, corn, vinegar cucumbers, cornbread muffin & sweet tea.

I think Claire had a good time, this is how she was sleeping in her cave when I woke up this morning!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Sewing Project This Week

I've seen this Spool 72 dress all over blogs lately

and since it is sold out there have been several tutorials to make your own version.

Maybe Matilda

And a kiddie version how cute!

I've been on a sewing kick for the past week and I knew making this dress would be a pretty painless project.

I have a fabric store in my attic and I really needed to use some of that fabric you know so I can buy some more. Perfect for this project was my yellow silkish fabric that I've been hoarding.

I was going to make a dress like the Maybe Matilda version but then I started to think of all the different shirts that would look cute with my skirt fabric and decided to make the skirt on the icandy handmade tutorial.

This skirt was so simple to make. The hardest part was getting the straight lines for cutting my length on the fabric. Since it was some sort of faux silk (?) I couldn't rip for a straight line. So I had to pull a fiber to get my cut line.

Modifications from the icandy handmade tutorial:

I used the whole width of the fabric and just put selvage to selvage to make the skirt. I also only have a 1/2" seam above the elastic and I didn't do the smocked stitch.

One thing I forgot to do was make pockets. SOOOOOO sad. But I did get a great tip from
Maybe Matilda, she made her sides straight not gathered. And since my hips aren't something I want to highlight did the same thing even though I used elastic. I just ungathered the fabric on the sides and did a small stitch 2" apart on the sides. On the next skirt (oh there will be more) I may go more like 4" apart on the sides.

I wasn't in the mood to make regular belt loop so I just made the thread kind. I braided 6 strands of thread for the loops. If I change my mind adding regular loops will be a quick fix.

I thought the selvage edges of the fabric were pretty, so I just left them raw on the belt.

I paid $1 a yard for the fabric and the tank was $3 at WalMart so $4 for a simple cute dress is a steal!!

Remix with my favorite Gap shirt, trying not to bust a smile at the Claire Belle. spoiler alert: I changed my belt out after this shot to a regular one.

Dear Sewing, I think I love you again. -V

Let me know if you make one, I would love to see it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Perfect Outdoor Sofa

E's love for grass + V's love for furniture = our next outdoor sofa! lol

Grass Sofa from Ready Made complete with directions!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bradley Jane Everyday Heirlooms

Do you see that new photo over there --> Go ahead click on it!

That cute button is for is my first "sponsor" Bradley Jane, owned by my friend Bradley who has a passion for beautiful children's clothing and sewing. She decided to combine those two passions and started Bradley Jane, a children's heirloom clothing company. Here is a description of Bradley Jane in her own words:

At Bradley Jane we specialize in Heirloom apparel made for everyday wear. Our patterns and fabrics are timeless and are made to pass down for generations of babies and children. All of our garments are made by hand beginning to end...each having it's own unique qualities.

We are custom so that you may pick out fabrics, patterns, trims and embroidery to your taste and preference. Our sizes are NB to size 7, boys and girl apparel.

Bradley Jane has an etsy shop with some super cute kids clothes. They also do seasonal home trunk shows if you are interested in hosting or attending a show, contact Bradley for details.
Some of my favorite clothes from her etsy shop:

If you need something special and unique, not you usual mass produced children's clothing check out Bradley Jane. If you have any questions or special requests for a beautiful heirloom piece for everyday wear or a special occassion she would love to work with you!

Shop at Bradley Jane here
To see some of the sweet custom pieces she offers check out Bradley's blog here

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