Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh My Sod!

So as you all know for the past week we have been prepping our yard getting ready for sod. Well yesterday was sod day at our house! We were a pallet short so we will have to patch in by the pine tree but other than that the irrigation and sod are in and working!
Since 10 pallets of sod had to be put down yesterday we started during our lunch break.

Lunch break progress

Luckily I spent so many years dodging sweat that I don't really sweat now so I helped out.

Work finished up just before dark. We did have some extra hands, without them we would still be putting down sod.

I took this picture the 1st time we looked at the house in July 2008.

Then in January 2010 when Eric did a little grading work we had a mud pit until the weeds grew in.

This is a real before taken in April. Don't let the green fool you, it was mostly dirt and glass with some weeds mixed in.

And now real grass no glass or weeds!

Left to do this summer:
Plant shrubs and perennials in the beds surrounding the house. We are also going to put in a big veggie garden which should survive since it isn't dependant on me watering it.

We will be planting Confederate Jasmin along the chain link fence so hopefully it will grow in and offer privacy. If it grows like it did on the mailbox it should be covered in a couple of years. The little chain link fence in front of the deck is going to be replaced with a picket fence. We like the option of being able to lock Claire out of the side yard when we have company.

For my birthday "gift" Eric is replacing the deck with new boards and we are doing bead board on the little door overhang.

Phase 2 will start in the fall. It involves is planting the shrubs and ground cover in the back of the yard. It is just too hot to plant right now without watering every day. So dirty paws on Claire for a few months it is.


Rachel said...

Its so pretty! Its going to look so great when you guys get it all finished. :)

Kat said...

wow it looks great! all that hard work is paying off!

Nikki said...

That looks awesome! You guys are hard workers, I'll hire you;)

Pine Tree Home said...

Sod is like instant carpet. Just love it.

Ben and Emily said...

It looks great! Curb Appeal: the block has nothing on you guys!

Michelle said...

wow! That looks so fantastic!!!

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