Friday, May 27, 2011

Jar Vase

Last week when our neighbor had their glass recycle out I had to grab this big pickle jar. I knew it would be an awesome way to display all the pretty flowers in bloom right now.

The vase decorations are so simple to make there aren't really and instructions. But if I had to write some they would say

1. Get a clean jar
2. Wrap with twine, fabric strips, lace or all the above

3. Glue a bobby pin on and if you want it would be cute to glue a button or flower onto the bobby pin

4. Fill with flowers or anything really
5. Slip in your fav photo

I had use a picture today of my favorite 8 year old birthday boy! Wasn't it yesterday instead of 7 years ago this picture was taken?!


Kat said...

I just cut some peonies today and stuck 'em in a ball jar--it wasn't wrapped all cute like yours though.

Rachel said...


Nikki said...

That jar is huge! How did they go through so many pickles?

Great DIY, love the twine! Have a great long weekend in your new yard!

Comeca Jones said...


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