Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, Friday

Blogger was messed up yesterday so I couldn't write my post for today that I had planned. It also ate my Peanut Butter bars post, so I will rewrite and repost soon.
I didn't have much time to think this one up so I've just got a bunch of random.

Since my table was in BHG I've gotten a ton of emails, comments and phone calls asking if I had a plan so that others could build the table. I wish I did, I could be a rich lady today. Ana White did hack the table and come up with her own plan.
HERE. There are some differences in my table and the one she designed so note the changes HERE.

My friend Rachel's dad built the table for her as a birthday gift.
Check it out!

Also one of my favorite tv shows is "Good Luck Charlie" on the Disney Channel. Did I just write that? One of the reasons is the AMAZING house. Click HERE for some photos of the house. They need to make some pillows out of my new fav fabric.

I want to move into their basement.

Hooked on Houses is one of my favorite home blogs, because I am hooked on houses. duh. This morning when I clicked on HoH, I saw the top photo of a kitchen and thought "they have the same platter as me", it was my kitchen. Good thing it is Friday, not sure if my brain could go one more day!


alanna rose said...

The PB bars post is still live in my reader...I can email it to you if you'd like :)

Kat said...

There's my door! Well without the vertical slats goin' on. It's a sign--gotta do blue.

Ben and Emily said...

I thought that kitchen looked familiar on HOH! :)

Quilting Grannie said...

Dashboard was messed up yesterday. My latest post was posted Thursday and was on my blog and Dashboard. Then yesterday morning Dashboard was off. When it came back on in the afternoon, my latest blog was not on and neither was the comment that someone had made. Now it is on again. Google doing repair work?

Kim said... girls love that show! I always pay attention to houses, but I've never noticed this one. That blue sliding barn door is way cool!

Nikki said...

I just watched that show for the first time last week with my friends kids!

Jennifer said...

saw you in BH&G and have been meaning to stop in to tell you CONGRATS! toooo cool!!!!

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