Monday, May 23, 2011

Backyard Irrigation

This weekend was operation get the backyard ready for sod. Not a pool, sadness. Since Eric finished the grading the yard last week the only thing left to do before the irrigation went in was move the shed.

The shed was in an odd place taking up valuable space that we needed for our shrub/flower beds. Plus it isn't anything special to look at so we wanted it moved to the back of the yard.
Enter huge forks on the Bobcat.

Eric leveled out the pad then moved the shed to its new home. I wasn't sure how moving it would work, I thought it would fall over and crumble for sure but it didn't. The shed's new home is so much better.

See the shed's new home below?
The chain on our Bobcat trencher came off so we had to rent another one. That put Eric behind a few hours.

The new trencher got stuck so Eric had to pull it out with the Bobcat. Finally after that all trenches were dug and Eric could lay pipe.

It was 95 degrees so we took a lot of water breaks. And of course petting Claire breaks.

See the pictures above? Notice that Eric's job was putting in the pipe and hooking up the electrical. All sitting.

My job was digging out the trenches (ok Eric did dig those) where they cross so Eric could lay the pipe. After the pipe was layed I then filled in the trenches. It was HARD and took all day. But it was a reallllly good workout, my heart rate was almost at jogging pace most of the day. Surprisingly I'm not too sore today!

Notice my assistant. Claire had so much fun "helping". She loved to lay in the fresh dirt, that white fur soon turned to brown.

We almost finished but ran into a deep tree stump on the last line so we had to wait for it to get dug up before the trench can be filled in. But considering we trenched, layed and filled in 4 irrigation zones, we were booking it.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have sod!

Ok so wow how boring was that? Hope your weekend was a little more relaxed than ours!


Kat said...

Just think of how gorg it will be when it's all done! Love the wellies:)

Rachel said...

I don't envy all of that work... especially in this heat. I was a cry-baby just from painting porches in this heat. I can't imagine doing physical labor. ;)

On a side guys have an awesome backyard! I can't wait to see it when you get it done!

Nikki said...

Doesn't it feel good thought? So much room back there for a pool...I'd just keep digging ;)

hartmom said...

Vanessa ~ I have to tell you, it was your beautiful dining room that drew me to your blog (after I had ripped your page out of my BH&G magazine this month) but it is your (and your husband's) creativity and work ethic that has had me spending way too much time reading your blog! Not to mention that I love wood countertops and have been drooling over yours ever since I saw them. I admire how hard the two of you have worked to make your house a beautiful should feel so proud of is truly amazing! Keep the great blog posts coming...can't wait to see your gorgeous backyard and whatever else you come up with. All the best, Karen

Bethany Paige said...

V, your yard is HUGE! wow! it is going to be incredible... can't wait to see what you guys put in --- and what i can copy :)

Kim said...

Wow! I am soooo impressed! We do a lot of yard work ourselves, but have never been brave enough to tackle that much of a project. It's why our grass always dies halfway through the summer. We get too lazy to water it properly with the sprinkler.

Michelle said...

omg this looks like sooo much work! And in such heat!!!

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