Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Over the Memorial Day weekend Eric and I joined 17 of my family members at our lake cabin. Lots of people, lots of food and lots of fun!
During the tornadoes last month this big pine tree was uprooted and messed up our deck and walkway.

While we were disappointed about the tree on the deck, Claire was delighted for the chance to test out her cat skills.

She was also able to test out her new life jacket. Worked great for this water logged dog.

Everything is more fun when the chalk child and his brother arrive, straight from their first Atlanta Braves game!

And that is all I've got, 4 pictures and 30 bug bites and a nice tan. Mucho thanks to all the men and women who made it possible!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jar Vase

Last week when our neighbor had their glass recycle out I had to grab this big pickle jar. I knew it would be an awesome way to display all the pretty flowers in bloom right now.

The vase decorations are so simple to make there aren't really and instructions. But if I had to write some they would say

1. Get a clean jar
2. Wrap with twine, fabric strips, lace or all the above

3. Glue a bobby pin on and if you want it would be cute to glue a button or flower onto the bobby pin

4. Fill with flowers or anything really
5. Slip in your fav photo

I had use a picture today of my favorite 8 year old birthday boy! Wasn't it yesterday instead of 7 years ago this picture was taken?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh My Sod!

So as you all know for the past week we have been prepping our yard getting ready for sod. Well yesterday was sod day at our house! We were a pallet short so we will have to patch in by the pine tree but other than that the irrigation and sod are in and working!
Since 10 pallets of sod had to be put down yesterday we started during our lunch break.

Lunch break progress

Luckily I spent so many years dodging sweat that I don't really sweat now so I helped out.

Work finished up just before dark. We did have some extra hands, without them we would still be putting down sod.

I took this picture the 1st time we looked at the house in July 2008.

Then in January 2010 when Eric did a little grading work we had a mud pit until the weeds grew in.

This is a real before taken in April. Don't let the green fool you, it was mostly dirt and glass with some weeds mixed in.

And now real grass no glass or weeds!

Left to do this summer:
Plant shrubs and perennials in the beds surrounding the house. We are also going to put in a big veggie garden which should survive since it isn't dependant on me watering it.

We will be planting Confederate Jasmin along the chain link fence so hopefully it will grow in and offer privacy. If it grows like it did on the mailbox it should be covered in a couple of years. The little chain link fence in front of the deck is going to be replaced with a picket fence. We like the option of being able to lock Claire out of the side yard when we have company.

For my birthday "gift" Eric is replacing the deck with new boards and we are doing bead board on the little door overhang.

Phase 2 will start in the fall. It involves is planting the shrubs and ground cover in the back of the yard. It is just too hot to plant right now without watering every day. So dirty paws on Claire for a few months it is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chalk Children

Do you watch Cougar Town? I couldn't stand it last season but I gave it another chance and it is actually pretty funny, except when Ellie gets on my nerves. Plus the set design is amazing!
During last week's episode when the
Chalk Children appeared I thought this one

looked just like my nephew!!!!! Every time I think about the chalk children I laugh and do a double take. They are even making the same face.
Of course my nephew isn't scary like the chalk children, I mean come on he hunts for Easter eggs wearing latex gloves, how funny is that?!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painted Doors

One of my winter projects this year was painting the interior doors in our house a dark color.
We still have the original solid wood doors with the original hardware. They have 61 years worth of paint on them so ideally they need to be stripped down, but just painting them a dark color hid a lot of their flaws.

When trying to decide a color I knew that black was a little too formal for my house. I wanted something with more depth than brown offers so I knew brown was out. Flipping through my Sherwin Williams paint deck I came across Urbane Bronze. Then a few months later I found this photo in my "collection" so I knew it was meant to be.

It ended up that I never even tried Urbane Bronze on the doors. I just chose several swatches from HD that were similar. I taped them to the broom closet door for a couple of weeks and looked at them everytime I walked by. If a color didn't work I took it down. I ended up with Martha Stewart Feather Duster (top half) and Glidden Dark Ivy (bottom half).

I decided to go with the the Glidden Dark Ivy, it was just prettier to me. Once I did start painting I was getting a little nervous when the paint was wet because it was looking totally different than the sample coat. But once the door dried all was as planned.

I used a small trim paint roller to paint the doors and a brush for the crevices.

I ended up doing 2 full coats and a light top coat so 3 coats total, sanding between each coat. I only painted the outside of the doors and let the insides the old color. I love the results. The doors look so much better!

It is hard to get a picture in a tiny little hallway.

I still need to clean off the door hardware. The previous painters did a terrible job with oil paint on the trim and doors and decided to get it all over the doorknobs. The hinges have so much paint there is no hope for a quick fix.

You sure can't buy that great brass patina today.

**For a great post on painted doors with lots of eye candy click HERE

Monday, May 23, 2011

Backyard Irrigation

This weekend was operation get the backyard ready for sod. Not a pool, sadness. Since Eric finished the grading the yard last week the only thing left to do before the irrigation went in was move the shed.

The shed was in an odd place taking up valuable space that we needed for our shrub/flower beds. Plus it isn't anything special to look at so we wanted it moved to the back of the yard.
Enter huge forks on the Bobcat.

Eric leveled out the pad then moved the shed to its new home. I wasn't sure how moving it would work, I thought it would fall over and crumble for sure but it didn't. The shed's new home is so much better.

See the shed's new home below?
The chain on our Bobcat trencher came off so we had to rent another one. That put Eric behind a few hours.

The new trencher got stuck so Eric had to pull it out with the Bobcat. Finally after that all trenches were dug and Eric could lay pipe.

It was 95 degrees so we took a lot of water breaks. And of course petting Claire breaks.

See the pictures above? Notice that Eric's job was putting in the pipe and hooking up the electrical. All sitting.

My job was digging out the trenches (ok Eric did dig those) where they cross so Eric could lay the pipe. After the pipe was layed I then filled in the trenches. It was HARD and took all day. But it was a reallllly good workout, my heart rate was almost at jogging pace most of the day. Surprisingly I'm not too sore today!

Notice my assistant. Claire had so much fun "helping". She loved to lay in the fresh dirt, that white fur soon turned to brown.

We almost finished but ran into a deep tree stump on the last line so we had to wait for it to get dug up before the trench can be filled in. But considering we trenched, layed and filled in 4 irrigation zones, we were booking it.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have sod!

Ok so wow how boring was that? Hope your weekend was a little more relaxed than ours!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What Adults Do When They Hang Out

When I was about this age

i am the one with the rad name shirt

I would spend the night with my friend and we would play dolls, house & watch Harry And The Hendersons. The neighbors across the street were teenagers and I always wondered what they did at sleepovers with their friends.

When I was a teenager I had sleepovers with my friends all the time. I think we stayed together almost every night of our senior year in high school. All that time I was wondering what you do when you hang out with friends when you become an adult.

Never would I have guessed dress up in sumo suits and try to wrestle!

At supper club last night we were watching the neighbors across the street put on sumo suits and wrestle. Susan walked over to check it out and within a few minutes she and Hannah were suited up and trying to knock each other down.

It was hilarious!

Weekend plans: Work!

After 2 years it is time to renovate our backyard. Yesterday our backyard looked like this and Eric still has more dirt to move. I am wishing all that dirt was from the hole dug for our pool.

But nope just a proper draining level yard. A pool is tempting though as we have a fresh slate of a level dirt yard. I have until tomorrow when the irrigation is hopefully installed to decide on a pool. If you are in favor of a pool for my backyard vote YES and send me a donation!

I have been a major blog slacker this month so I am blogging every week day for the rest of the month. I can't guarantee it will be worth reading (totally subjective anyway), but I will try.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, Friday

Blogger was messed up yesterday so I couldn't write my post for today that I had planned. It also ate my Peanut Butter bars post, so I will rewrite and repost soon.
I didn't have much time to think this one up so I've just got a bunch of random.

Since my table was in BHG I've gotten a ton of emails, comments and phone calls asking if I had a plan so that others could build the table. I wish I did, I could be a rich lady today. Ana White did hack the table and come up with her own plan.
HERE. There are some differences in my table and the one she designed so note the changes HERE.

My friend Rachel's dad built the table for her as a birthday gift.
Check it out!

Also one of my favorite tv shows is "Good Luck Charlie" on the Disney Channel. Did I just write that? One of the reasons is the AMAZING house. Click HERE for some photos of the house. They need to make some pillows out of my new fav fabric.

I want to move into their basement.

Hooked on Houses is one of my favorite home blogs, because I am hooked on houses. duh. This morning when I clicked on HoH, I saw the top photo of a kitchen and thought "they have the same platter as me", it was my kitchen. Good thing it is Friday, not sure if my brain could go one more day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recipe From The Lunchroom

If you have already read this post please ignore. Blogger must have thought the PB bars looked so good that it ate the post. I loved all the comments with everyone's fav lunchroom treat, blogger must have loved them too because it ate the comemnts.

Growing up my favorite lunchroom food of all time was the homemade Reese Cups our lunchroom ladies made. I would eat all of mine plus my friends' homemade cups every time they were served. My mom is a teacher and after I graduated from high school she would bring home my favorite lunchroom food for me.

So when Southern Plate posted her recipe for
No Bake Cafeteria Peanut Butter Bars excited was an understatement for how I felt, I made them that day.

They were extremely delicious and even more so with a big glass of milk. But they weren't my lunchroom Reese Cups. I think ours were made with chocolate pudding on top or something like that? Does anyone know?!

In other food news...
I've professed my love a few times for gas station food. I get it honest because I grew up right down the street from the greatest of gas stations ever to serve food: Crossroads. You haven't lived until you have had a JoJo (potato wedge).

I've also professed my love for the last page of magazines. I was so happy to read the last page of May's Southern Living and the Southern Journal was all about gas station food.
Rick even mentioned JoJos from Winfield, AL!!! My hometown, the home of Mule Day and the best gas station food!!

May was a good magazine month.

Monday, May 9, 2011

How To Make Sure I Reply To You

So Friday on facebook I saw Apartment Therapy's status update and it was a post about my kitchen featured ON Apartment Therapy! It was cool to see and fun reading the comments. Most were nice but the negative ones were about my floor. lol. I will say my floors do look better in person.

I have had a lot of comments and emails this weekend from readers coming from Apartment Therapy. I'm trying to get back to everyone, hopefully I will get back to you today.

Sometimes when I am trying to send an email response to a comment I can't because it sends it to "noreply-comment". So if you are wondering why a blogger never responds to your comments, you many not have your email linked to your profile. You can set up your email even if you don't have a blog, and no one sees your email except for me when I am trying to send you an email response. This post explains how to make sure I can reply back to your comment.


So how was everyone's weekend? My sister and I met my parents in Birmingham to visit my uncle. We had a nice time chatting up and seeing family that I only see a couple of times a year. I bought a groupon for framing in Bham so I was able to get my BHG page framed. We made a stop at the mall and I bought a few dresses from Forever 21, I wish we had one in AU. This one pictured and a chiffon number that isn't online. I got around 72 complements on it yesterday at church, about 67 of those were from my husband so I will be buying more of this style!

The whole store is filled with floral rayon, I felt like I was in 4th grade again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

For your Mexican heritage pleasure here is my favorite & the most easy Margarita recipe given to my by my friend Brigitte

12 oz Sprite
1 can of frozen Limeade
1 bottle of Corona
1/2 the limeade can of Tequila

Pour all into a pitcher and stir. Done & Enjoy!

Drown your sorrows in a margarita while you come to grips with the fact you didn't get carded while buying the tequila :(

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This past weekend Eric and I drove to Texas to visit his family. It only takes 13 hours in the car so why not zip on over for a long weekend?

We did pretty much nothing the whole time except lay out and watch Claire swim.

The water was still too cold for me so I worked on my tan. Claire had so much fun. She jumped in the pool so many times her paws are raw. I think the inlaws got their money out of the pool just from her visit.

It was nice to get away but odd at the same time. The tornados were all over the news in Texas and national news so we could still see what was going on, but I wanted to be at home. I tried to stay entertained with the royal wedding but it was just one more thing to keep up with.

Then when it came on that Obama was making a speech but no details on the speech I was really nervous. It just freaked me out then with Bin Laden getting killed well now I am really freaked out. Then last night when we got back home I found out my uncle is in really bad condition in the hospital and it is a waiting game for him. So please say a prayer for him and my family. Sorry for all the negative my heart is just so heavy right now. I think I need a margarita, is it Cinco de Mayo yet?

Thank you to everyone that has contacted me about the devistation in Alabama. Your concerns were much appreciated. If you are local we are having a donation drive this week for Marion County, my home county. Contact me and I can get you a list of the items we are collecting. If you aren't local and want to help gift cards to Walmart & Dollar General are greatly appreicated. Contact me for a mailing address. If you want to adopt a person or a family I can give you that info as well.

An artist in Florence, AL has designed some pretty awesome shirts to sell with 100% of the profit going to the tornado relief efforts. Her goal was to raise $1,000 in 24 hours, she exceeded that goal and is still going strong. I think these shirts are adorable. Can you guess which one I am buying?!

You know everyone loves a little Sweet Home Alabama even if you don't live here. Which one are you buying?

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