Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayers for Alabama

I usually try to keep things fun around here but my heart is so heavy for my state today. Yesterday I was traveling and had my post prescheduled. I hated posting about my kitchen when so many people in Alabama don't have a kitchen. So many have lost someone they love and EVERYTHING they own in the tornado outbreak Wednesday.

tornados video.

As of this morning the death count was at 210, from one state, in one day.

Wednesday I spent most of the afternoon watching the weather in north/central Alabama live online. My parents were without power and phone from a pre dawn storm so the only way of communication was text. At times the only way they knew what weather was coming was through text messages. They are all school teachers and school had been cancelled in anticipation of severe weather. It was pretty scary.

When I first got online this is what was live.

A huge tornado going right through the downtown of Cullman, the 2nd tornado for Cullman that day. This town is less than 30 miles from my parent's lakehouse.
It has the cutest downtown that now looks like this

My parents went to check the damage at the cabin yesterday. It was fine but the biggest tree we have fell on our deck and hit several other trees. Our boat dock was fine but our neighbors huge boat was at our dock, their big dock turned over and their swim pier was ontop of their fishing boat.

Tuscaloosa, less than 60 miles from my parents was hit hard as well. A mile WIDE tornado ripped through the main road in town. video of the tornado!

Hobby Lobby, the only shell standing in a shopping center.

Hobby Lobby parking lot

A few months ago when we were in Tuscaloosa, we stopped here where this man is for a Krispy Kreme donut.

Both of my dad's sisters live in Tuscaloosa. Thank God they were ok. This is my aunt's school where she teaches.
Classes had been cancelled that day.

Another 60 miles of my parents house:

The town of Hackleburg was destroyed. VIDEO The school was leveled, thank God that school was cancelled in anticipation of severe weather. As of today 27 were killed in the town of 1,500.

Phil Campbell a town with a little more than 1,000 residents 26 people were killed.

Please say a prayer for the people of Alabama today. So many lives hurt right now. People are still missing, lives are lost, homes and destroyed, thousands are without power, phones and water. People are lining up for miles trying to get gas. People didn't know they were going to be stranded in their homes with no resources or food for at least a week. Grocery stores are closed and like I said you can't buy gas. In the towns hardest hit the garbage trucks, ema, etc were also ruined too so they don't have that resource. Can you imagine?

There are so many ways to help. Scroll down this post to find out how.

We are going to focus our donations on the small towns close to my hometown. They have so many fewer resources than the larger towns that were hit. I'm not saying they are less important, just that I know what it is like to grow up in a rural town with few resources and now I live in a town with unlimited resources. If you are interested in helping the smaller communities email me and I will let you know how you can help. But the most needed are prayers.

You could go 60 miles from my parent's house in any direction and hit tornadoes. So many people died within that radius. My family lives in Tuscaloosa and they are perfectly fine. All we can say is a tree fell on our deck. That is it. A miracle and blessed. We are thankful.


Nikki said...

My heart hearts for your state. So sad and scary. I'm glad your family is okay and I hope it continues that way. What is going on with this crazy weather?

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

i live in louisiana and we got the same storm but nowhere near the caliber it was when it reached alabama. we have been praying for everyone there and support UMCOR (united methodist committee on relief) who is putting together kits and teams to go help. if anyone is interested in helping contact me too so they can assist with UMCOR. thoughts and prayers are with you vanessa! :)

Rachel said...

My heart hurts, too. It's just so devastating. Glad your family is ok!

Junkin and Painting said...

I'm from the Mississippi Gulf Coast...and it looks EXACTLY like the damage from Katrina! My prayers for all of these communities are going up right now!

Kat said...

I can't even imagine...praying.

Karli @ RockyBella said...

as spin as I heard about the tornados I thought of you! I was worried. glad you are okay. How devastating :(.

Roxie700 said...

Our church prayed this morning and took up a special offering for the emergency relief of Alabama. Our church, Celebration Church of Georgetown Texas will have people there and a trailer load of donations next week. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering. Your area is in my prayers. May God bless.

Cindy said...

I've been lurking here for a few months.

My friend Scarlett lives in Hanceville, outside of Cullman. I was relieved to reach her via text on Thurs. Her aunt has a generator so Scarlett and her young daughter are staying there. Terrifying. xo

classic • casual • home said...

Your story gives me chills. Glad for your family and my heart goes out to their neighbors.

Nicole said...

I too live in Alabama and actually just moved out of Tuscaloosa to a little further north. I looked outside at one point last week and it was raining bits and pieces of peoples houses. We had half a trailer mangled in sitting in our yard. The whole thing was just so scary. We sat in line for 3 hrs to get some gas and stood inline for almost 4 hrs to get a bit of groceries from the store in the dark. My fiance was just in Tuscaloosa and said the house that we were about to buy that fell through the DAY before closing is totally gone. Thank goodness we are okay and all our family is. We've got a few family members who are now homeless but are alive thank goodness

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