Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mailing Easter Eggs

Last week the Giver's Log mailed some plastic Easter eggs. How fun would it be to get a little egg stuffed with treasures in the mail? I had to make some for my nephews and niece.
The lady at the post office just laughed, I thought I would get a rude comment but nope. It took one $1 stamp and one regular stamp.

Can you tell I had just gotten a new pack of colored chalk?!

I had a hard time selecting the perfect things to put into each egg, but I think the nephews and niece will love them. And I am sure their parents will want to throw them straight into the trash. lol. Regardless I had a blast making them.

No one of these isn't going to Cam Newton, I wish. Did you know that my 3 year old nephew is "The Real Cam Newton"? Yep that is what he says his name is and wants you to call him Cam Newton. It is so funny and cute! Whenever Cam Newton is on tv or in a picture he says "no that is the fake Cam Newton because I am the real Cam Newton".

In other news, I finally hung my paint chip Easter egg garland.
I love it. Paint chip garland and me, we have a big future together.


Kat said...

What a great idea--mailing Easter eggs! I love the garland and the peek into your dining room:)

Rachel said...

Love the eggs...the garland...and the new look on the blog! :o)

Nikki said...

It's adorable! Eggstraspecial (sorry;) What a great egg idea. Perhaps I'll have to send one to my Nephew! I'm surprised the post office eggcepted it. Okay okay, I'm done ;)

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

what a cute idea! maybe i will mail some to my godson and other lovely babies in my life! :)

on a side note - i love that you wrote the directions on the chalkboard and took a picture. great thinking!

Red Gate Farm said...

Those eggs are adorable! I didn't realize you could just mail something like that.

Your egg garland turned out fantabulous... and I love that your dog is sitting so nicely in the photo! I really need to get over to the hardware store and get some paint chips!


PS I like the new blog look too.

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