Monday, April 25, 2011

Kitchen Repost

I'm trying the kitchen series again this week. When I posted a few weeks ago the blog messed up and you couldn't see the post.

Our kitchen was completed in June 2009 and now two years later I am getting around to posting a complete kitchen series.
When we moved into our house we knew that one of the first rooms we wanted to work on would be the kitchen. It is a little galley kitchen so we knew with hard work it could be a quick project. We managed to finish in a few weeks. We did everything ourselves except for the lighting which was the best $150 we could have spent.

This picture was taken the first time we looked at the house (7/2008), almost a full year before we bought it. I am pretty sure the previous owners replaced the countertops and flooring to put it on the market so they were in good shape, but not what I wanted. Among the things to be replaced were the countertops, sink, faucet, flooring, lighting, stove hood, fridge, and backsplash.

After: Now some details... A piece of the countertop material was also used as the backsplash. The walls are concrete blocks & concrete plaster so the outlets are run with conduit which is hideous. We were able to move some of the lines inside of cabinets so that helped our kitchen from looking like a garage.

Behind the backsplash were holes in the plaster and concrete blocks so we decided to use beadboard sheets as the backsplash. Now they seem to be everywhere but I loved beadboard then and I still love it. It is so easy to care for! We used a 1x2 to finish off the beadboard. It was more authentic to the style of house than a fancy trim cap and it matched our window frames. We kept the existing dishwasher and the stove -which was brand new. My inlaws graciously bought the refrigerator as a house warming gift.

This photo was taken while I was painting the cabinets. To the left, where the stove goes there was white metal sheeting covering the most hideous of wallpapers. It was taken down and replaced with bead board to cover the wall damage from the glue as well as plaster damage under the window.

The cabinets were nice wood, just really dark. They also have a ton of dents that weren't really noticeable until we started to paint-of course. The stove hood was pretty gross so it was replaced and made a cover to conceal it. In the corner is a tall cabinet that we use for a pantry. It didn't come with a cabinet door so we had one made.

I had a door frame made for $100 to match the rest of our cabinet doors. I think I over paid but I needed it in a couple of days and the guy made it fast so he charged what he wanted. To save money and give a little character I had him keep the center of the door open and I used a curtain from Pier 1 instead.

I am not a fan of microwaves on the counter taking up space so Eric was able to re route the plug into the pantry so I could hide the microwave. Added bonus it got rid of the ugly conduit. Our trash can also had to go in here since it couldn't fit under the sink. We still want to reorganize and improve the shelving in here but we just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Like with everything I do, we did this kitchen on a little budget.

Countertop (Ikea) $393.00

Backsplash $115.00

Cabinet Paint (Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois) $76.00

Wall Paint (BM Nantucket Gray HC-11) free leftover from old kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware $40.00

Lighting (Ikea + install) $220.00

Floor (Premiere Tile Heritage Pavers) $358.00 (these were a purchased at cost)

Curtains $20.00

Pantry Cabinet $100.00

Faucet (ebay) $60.00

Sink (scratch & dent Home Depot) $67.00

Stove Hood $55

TOTAL $1,449.00

I am planning on sticking to the kitchen theme this week and posting on our floor, lighting, and stove hood. For info on how we stained our Ikea butcher block countertops click here!


Pudel-design said...

It looks amazing!
What some white can do to rooms and furniture is stunning!
Love the floor too!
Lovely greetings...

Red Gate Farm said...

It looks amazing Vanessa! I love your kitchen and how clean and uncluttered it is... maybe I need to be inspired by that! And I have to say, between you and the Lettered Cottage... I was inspired to put in butcher block counters from IKEA in my kitchen! :)

And that piece of white sheeting stuff in your kitchen... we had an entire kitchen and bathroom covered in that at the "Peach Palace". I suppose for some it is a quick an easy solution to a problem but it certainly looks cheap and easy on the walls!


Nikki said...

I love your countertops! You guys are the next Sherry and John ;)

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

wonderful redo! that kitchen was what drew me to your blog when i first started - i asked about your floors... i think those floors are gorgeous and so different! :) and yay for photobucket cooperating! :)

To The Moon and Back said...

Amazing! What a transformation. Love what you did. The space looks so clean and airy now.

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

That. looks. AWESOME!!! We did over our kitchen; new floors and painted our cabinets white, also. We still don't have the counters we want; we are going to do butcher block, too. I can't WAIT! This post makes me want to put them in right now, lol! :-)

Just Watching said...

Beauty doesn't have to mean "trophy" and a huge price tag. This is a lovely kitchen and YOU did it! Thanks for the inspiration!

California Girl said...

What a beautiful kitchen!

Maggie said...

Fabulous!! We're putting in new floors in our kitchen right now, and I can't decide between a look just like your own gorgeous floors or a vintage whitewashed pine Pergo. We have white cabinets and butcher block counters, too. Oh, the decisions! Your floors are absolutely going into my inspiration file.

Wilder said...

I really love the makeover! And the curtains are precious. Did you make them?

Kelsey said...

Love the beadboard backsplash! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Did you do something specific to be able to have that sink undermouted? I had read you couldn't do that with butcher block unless you had a piece of solid surface in between. Would love to hear your thoughts/how it is holding up so far!

Poulin Home Design said...

What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful!
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