Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How It Happened

First of all thank you for all the well wishes on Monday's post!! They were too sweet.

I have had several request to show what actually happened when Better Homes & Gardens was at my house, so here we go.

It all started when I read Sherry Hart's post on getting published. I followed all the directions in Sherry's post in regards to contacting Lisa Mowry. The fact that I actually emailed Lisa is a big deal because I am not usually one to go out on a limb wanting to be critiqued by someone I don't know at all.

I actually sent Lisa pictures of my kitchen to start with. We emailed back & forth for several months with updates about the kitchen. Then she emailed and said she saw my dining room on my blog and knew that she could get it published quick- like in a couple of months quick.

She was right, an email was sent to me that same week. But the email went to my spam box so I didn't even know that I had received it. On Monday the stylist called me to talk about my clothing store preferences and I had no clue what she was talking about. Good thing she called because they were planning on coming out on Thursday - 3 days later!

As you can imagine I automatically panicked, 3 days?! I can get a little crazy when I am cleaning my house. Eric calls it "psycho cleaning mode". I usually like to keep my house at Defcon Level 4, but when company much less BETTER HOMES & GARDENS is coming over, I need to be in Defcon Level 1 mode. The short time didn't allow for it, so I just cleaned my house like normal and relaxed which is odd for me. Really it was a blessing in disguise I had such short notice because I am sure Eric would have packed up and moved to Jordan Hare if I had made him refinish the floors, paint, landscape the back yard, etc, etc, etc, etc.

So back to the story...

Thursday came and I was soooo nervous. Rob Brinson was the photographer, after he left it clicked with me who he was. Seriously I was so embarrassed, I've only been drooling over his house for a year and his awesome studio was on design sponge a few weeks before he came to my house. He was so nice and Claire loved him until he made her get out of the shot, then she pouted.

Claire sad she couldn't be in BHG

Natalie Nassar was the stylist. She is maybe the prettiest person I have ever seen in real life. She had 3 little gold bangelish bracelets that I want so badly.

ok back to the story again. They showed up and got started.

Is this how your house normally looks?

Natalie had rented several vases and planters from antique stores to use as props. She also rummaged through all of my things to see what she could use. The white milk glass vase on top of the china cabinet in the final shot is actually mine! My kitchen is small, but she made it work. The black bucket held the fresh flowers Natalie used in the arrangements.

I love the planters she brought. The mustard yellow was my favorite, but I don't think it even got used.

She did try one set up with the turquoise vase and then the pink planter was used in another set up.

I helped Natalie clean out the teacups from the china cabinet so it wouldn't look cluttered and she also took the arm chairs out of the room to free up space. While Rob was busy setting up the shots, she was arranging flowers. We also set up the rug, since I didn't have one. Natalie brought 2 rugs, the one I kept from West Elm and another one from World Market.

I loved this look with the pink vase with flowers and then my little milk glass vases filled for the shot. It got nixed obviously.

Our floor is crooked (not as crooked as the picture looks) so Rob leveled out the table with cardboard squares.

Natalie brought several different top and shoe options. I ended up wearing a cardigan (which made me look huge) and tank from J Crew. The pants were mine and were huge because they were the only pair of white capris I could find in January. The shoes are from J Crew, which I was able to keep.

Natalie would do an arrangement on the table then I would come stand in for a couple hundred shots. Then Rob would take his card out o the computer and check out the pictures.

The photos were already beautiful when Rob stuck the card in the computer. He would then come back tell me how to pose and take several hundred more. After about 1,000 pictures and 3 hours later they were finished!

For the final shot Natalie decided to go with this big bowl. There weren't enough flowers to fill it up so they were all pushed to the front!

They cleaned up and Natalie made me some cute arrangements for my table out of the flowers they used. I bought the rug from her so it stayed in place.

As a thank you for coming to my pad, I gave Rob and Natalie some adorable AU cookies made by my friend Lindsay and a bottle of Toomer's Lemonade. It doesn't get any more Auburn that that!

Thanks again for all your sweet words!


rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

that sounds like so much fun but a lot of work too! i think that i would have died to have someone from better homes & gardens in my house. ack! good for you for relaxing and getting ready for the thousands of pictures you took! the one they picked is great (went out and got my copy yesterday!)

Pine Tree Home said...

Great times. Glad you got to experience it. I can't believe they were there within 3 days. I would have freaked.

Kat said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Mitch keeps asking me how you got featured in BGH! You look great too:)

Rachel said...

Love the behind-the-scene story! I also love those cookies...Lindsey did a great job. :)

Red Gate Farm said...

I loved "hearing" the whole behind the scenes thing! What a fun memory!

It's pretty interesting that it takes so much time and so many photos... can you imagine what one of the stories in the BHG must take?

Thanks again for sharing Vanessa. And congrats again!


Tracy said...

I just got caught up and I am SO IMPRESSED. You looked great and you deserve to be published!!! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Too much fun! I'm a 'lurker' on your blog - I like your decor ideas and your fun writing style. Imagine my amazement when I was flipping through my newly-arrived-to-my-mailbox BHG magazine and saw a face that I recognized on the last page! I quickly checked out your blog to make sure it was really you! Congratulations - glad that you had the experience, that you enjoyed it, and that you now are famous with your pic in a major magazine! Well done! Take care and thanks for your fun blog! Michelle from Vancouver, Canada.


so neat! I love all of the behind the scene shots

Nikki said...

I loved the behind the scenes! I can't believe you got to keep the shoes, and rug! See when you put yourself out there good things happen. Time to take my own advice ;)

Kim said...

How exciting! I think I just got this issue in the mail. I'll have to go check it out. I love seeing the behind the scenes at photo shoots. Thanks for sharing that.

Ben and Emily said...

So neat to see the behind the scenes!!

The Halls said...

Your home is simply beautiful, love your blog! WAR EAGLE =)

Jennifer said...

fun! good call on the Toomer's lemonade. War Eagle!

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