Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Closet Cleaning

Last weekend Eric and I made a trip to visit my Madre and
Padre. My main goal was to clean out my storage closet.
This post is really wordy but I am trying to write down some things so I can remember what was tossed out one day when I forget.

In all of the upstairs bedrooms at my parents house we have little storage closets which are really just attic space accessible on the dormer wall by a little door. It was great to have because all that junk that my sister's and I accumulated went in there instead of junking up our bedrooms. The con is that the storage closets are still full of that junk 10 years after we moved out. My goal for the weekend was to get that closet cleaned out.

Yikes. All the years of my youth crammed into that unfinished attic space.

I didn't really know what to do so I just started working my way back throwing things away as I went. My nephew also helped taking out the bags and boxes when they were full.

This was the pile of junk to throw away!!

A whole truck load of trash. After I went through all of my save things I ended up with several more bags of trash.

While Eric and my dad were at the dump, I emptied all the "keeps" into my bedroom.
Here is the storage closet emptied out except for two big boxes of trophies. Yes we were toddlers in tiaras but not crazy like pageants now days.

While this still looks like a pile of trash it is actually the keeps to sort through.

Here are the toys I found. I got rid of the Magic Copier, I loved that toy and remember getting it for my birthday. Strange for me to get a paper "copier" as a toy? Well I also asked and received a type writer from Santa! The Piggly Wiggly pig I won one day when I was grocery shopping with my mom, and that crazy cat that would go when you put batteries in it. My Caboodle! I ended up getting rid of a few of the toys but have this photo to remember them, which is enough for me because they were living in a box anyway.

I was so happy I found some of my favorite books!! We all loved The Berenstain Bears between myself and my sisters we have just about every one. The Wee Kitten Who Sucked Her Thumb was my all time fav so I brought it home with me. Sadly DJ's Full House Family Scrapbook and the Sweet Valley Twins & Baby Sitters Club books didn't make the cut and were donated. But I did keep one of each to read.

This are all my keep items. I was soooo obsessed with Ryan Klesko of the Atlanta Braves. I had so many pictures, posters, baseball cards, plaques, magazines, newspapers with Ryan Klesko in them. Guess how many I threw out, zero. I just couldn't do it. My nephew asked me for some of the Klesko baseball cards and I wouldn't let him have them. lol. I had one of the two storage boxes that went back into the closet full of Klesko!

I also kept everything with my name on it because it is so cute. I was able to store newspaper articles and special cards in the rainbow box. I also kept my Keroppi pencil box and Koosh Ball because they are so cute. Of course I kept my favorite books and dolls, some art, the keyboard I remember getting and the glitter pen I always loved. Oh and I can't leave out that stamp collection!

My mom has been cleaning out the walk in attic and found a bunch of our old dolls. She wouldn't let us get rid of the Cabbage Patch dolls, Rainbow Bright, Care Bears or the Raggedy Ann/Andy dolls. We also had to keep a few stuffed animals. But I was able to condense them all to one storage bin. We also still have all of our dance, play, and dress up costumes so those were all consolidated to one box. Maybe one day there will be a granddaughter that will have fun playing in them.

And ta da! The final product. I reduced everything to 2 storage bins - one for Ryan Klesko and one of toys. My dad and I made the black table when I was in high school, one of the window panes is broken but I didn't want to get rid of it so I put it in here. I still have some wedding gifts that my mom needed to use in a few weeks for a party so I left them. But other than that it is empty!!

I am so glad we had those storage closets growing up because I am sure I saved a lot of things that were thrown out by others that didn't have that little space to keep everything in. I have had the clean out on my to do list for about 10 years but I am glad I didn't do it sooner. I would have not appreciated seeing a lot of the things then that are special to me now. Not that I kept all those things but they were fun to see and jogged a memory I had forgotten about.
I saved cards from family and friends that were fun to read. I tossed a lot of them but held on to the special ones. They mean a lot more to me now than when I was 16 living in a teenage bubble. I was also happy I saved a lot of the school reports about myself. I had forgotten so many things about my younger self.
I've changed a lot but still like a lot of the same things. I found some journals from English class in 11th grade where we had to write about our future spouse. Mine of course was a professional baseball player, but I also said "but if I do have to marry a regular person and get a job that will be fine". lol. Guess how that one turned out.
Crazy thing is I described Eric perfectly. Little did I know marring a regular person is perfect and I still get to go to the baseball field to see my husband at work. God knew that when I wrote that journal entry on January 14, 1999 Eric was going to be my husband and I think that is so cool!

I wanted to be a developer and design all the houses we built in my communities. It was fun to find a tons of house plans saved for ideas. A quilt kit from 20 years ago made me smile knowing that I love to quilt today. My nephew loved helping me and he ended up with a big stack of baseball cards- not Ryan Klesko's of course. Oh and I found $10!

Although it wasn't the most fun way to spend a Saturday. I still made time to see my niece and nephews, shop around town with my mom and sister, and celebrate my dad's birthday.

I am so happy to have this chore behind me. I would hate for my parents to have to sift through all of that junk and I am glad that I did it in my time not during a forced time under stress. Now it is finished I will never have to clean that closet out again!


Kat said...

Purging always feels great, doesn't it? Happy for ya:)

Rachel said...

Great post! I had forgotten about the Little Kitty That Sucked Her Thumb! I had that book...loved it!

End of Tenancy Cleaning London said...

You definitely had a lot to clean but I am sure you did a great job. It makes start thinking about cleaning my closet. Regards.

Nikki said...

We did the same thing recently, but my Nephew kept the caboodle for his fishing tackle box ;)

I hope you parted with the babysitters club books ;)

Ben and Emily said...

Can't believe you parted with DJ's Full House scrapbook! :)

Great job on the condensing! I had to do this a few months ago and it is hard to part with your childhood stuff!

The Cosby's said...

Wow all the memories!! Glad I was able to be apart of some of those!

Red Gate Farm said...

What fun that must have been to go through all those memories! I know when I start something like this I kind of have a hard time getting going but then watch out!


neebleneeble said...

But, oh, that sweet baby doll needs to come out of the attic. Buy her a cute baby gown from a consignment shop and let her sit somewhere in someone's bedroom.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My Caboodle was pink on top and grey on bottom. LOVED that thing. I think it's actually still under my sink at my parents' house ... ;)

Anonymous said...

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