Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Valley

Should I be embarassed that I can't wait until next Tuesday because Sweet Valley Ten Years Later - Confidential comes out?

Should I be even more embarassed that I read this book as late as Summer 2010?

Was anyone else a fan many years ago (or just last summer)? When I cleaned out my storage closet I found a few of my old SVH and Babysitters Club books. I kept them of course, I've got to keep my Summer 2011 reading fresh.

I can't wait to see what those perfect size 6 figures, sparkling blue-green eyes, golden tans and sun-kissed blonde hair twinenemies are up to. I bet they still have the Fiat in the garage, right outside the Wakefield's spanish style kitchen.

What can I say, I love great literature.


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea they were coming out with a new book! I LOVED those books. My sister had the boardgame and I always hated playing with her because she made me be Enid (or was it Ingrid?)...of course she was always Jessica. hahaha.

Nikki said...

Hilarious. I didn't read the books growing up, but I remember the show. Maybe I should go back and read them. I did that with the American Girl's books awhile ago and surprisingly...still enjoyable ;)

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

I'm ready to cry. I totally forgot about these books, but that image brought so many memories flooding back. I read and reread them, especially in the summer when I would "lay out" to get a tan!

bethanypaige2 said...

i never got into the sweet valley girls too much BUT i read every single one of the baby sitters club. every one. i'd skip dinner and not hear people talking to me, i was so into it. i love the nostalgia :) i'd read them again this summer. for sure.

The Blockers said...

I absolutely LOVED those books! I read all the SWT, SWH, and Sweet Valley University!! I'll definitely have to read this book!

Lissie24 said...

Yep, got my whole collection in the closet! I'm 32 and I'm not ashamed to say I might be breaking open the box and taking on a 100th read. :o)

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