Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Flowers

I love this time of year! Free flowers in the back yard ready for me to pick. I love all the different varieties of daffodils and the hyacinth is a surprise in our back yard jungle. Lilly of the Valley is one of my favs, I wanted it for my wedding bouquet but it was going to be some kind of crazy expensive so now I can enjoy it for free every year!

I picked these flowers last night as little gifts for friends in mind. Then I thought about my vases and I'm not ready to part with them. So I decided that I will collect little vases all year so next spring I will be ready to give little happies to friends and let the little vases be gifts too.

On a totally unrelated note I received the skirt I ordered from Lands' End Canvas. I love it so! I got an email today that from 3/4-3/7 the sale items are an additional 30% off and with $50 you get free shipping! I ordered the same skirt in another color, some pants and a shirt. Since I'm not sure of my size I ordered several different sizes thus bringing my total to over $50 for free shipping. I will return the wrong sizes to Sears and not have to pay for shipping either way. Ha! take that minimum $50 order for free shipping.
Anyway the code is CANVAS30 and PIN 1107

Have a great weekend hope it is sprigy where you are!

p.s. I think that daffodils poison whatever cut flower they are arranged with. The Hyacinth is still looking good so I may be making this up but if you are making a huge arrangement check first before using daffodils with other flowers.


Rachel said...

Pretty flowers!

Kat said...

So beautiful and cheery. Soon ours will be here! (hopefully)

Nikki said...

They're so pretty. Sadly I don't have too many flowers in my yard. My Husband keeps making me cut things back so he can put new siding on the house etc, and things just aren't coming back!

Guess he'll have to buy me some ;)

Have a great weekend!

Deborah said...

Beautiful! Jealous because A, it's in the 30s here and spring has not sprung yet, and B, I have a black thumb and no yard for a garden anyway.

Deborah said...

PS I do that same thing when there are $50 minimums on online orders, as long as the store accepts in store returns and there's a store nearby. :-)

bethanypaige2 said...

just saying... you are famous. i love apartment therapy. read it daily. and there you are. AMAZING! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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