Monday, March 28, 2011

Random notes about my weekend...

Well the rummage sale was a success! We raised more money than last year which is always a good thing. It was fun and we met a lot of "interesting" people.

While we did great money wise, we didn't sell 2 of our items we really wanted to sell. I wish I had taken a picture but one was an "original art" creepy clown painting and the other was a white satin jumpsuit complete with appliques from the 80s that one of our member's mom wore while she was pregnant with her. They were both hilarious and we had them out together at the front of the sale to catch someone's eye. Several people thought about the clown painting but just couldn't pull the trigger.
The best find for me were these Frye boots. $10 people!! They are several sizes too small for me, but I bought them for my sister. If she can't wear them or doesn't want them, I can easily resell.

Sunday after church I layed out and got some actual sun. I also finished up my book I bought at the rummage sale so I am ready for

Eric had to work all weekend at softball and the main irrigation head broke on the football field so he was at work allll day Sunday repairing it. Claire and I ran to the stadium to check out the hole Eric had to dig. The gates onto the field are usually locked but since he was working on the field they were open. I always want to run in the stadium and onto the field like Forest Gump so yesterday that dream was fulfilled. I also worked on my 40 yard dash. The first time I ran I was in clogs and was at 7 seconds, 3 weeks later in proper shoes I am about 5.6!

Claire and I watched Eric fix the irrigation, wash his golf cart and then hung around trying to look busy. My
bff Cam was about to show up and we couldn't miss it. He finally got there and is still cute in case anyone was wondering...


Nikki said...

Nice! I would've bought the white jumpsuit too. My Husband wants me to sell my boots after he saw your little comment ;)

Rachel said...

Jealous of your boot find AND the fact you were able to go outside this weekend. It rained all.weekend.long here. :o(

angie said...

i hope i'm the lucky sister that gets the boots. those are to die for!!!! did claire belle help eric dig the hole?

Trista said...

LOVE the boots.

Will you come help me decide what color/stain to paint my furniture? :)

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