Friday, March 18, 2011

Paint By Numbers

Last week I was scoping out the frame section at every single thrift store in town looking for a frame for a little project I didn't end up doing, because I didn't find the perfect frame.

But I did find the perfect vintage paint by numbers painting. Don't roll your eyes.

Ok just kidding but I had to put something realllly bad so you wouldn't think the real thing was so bad.

This one is for real. Look how perfect it is in the guest room!

Now just to get Eric to hang it up on the wall. Which may be hard because he isn't a fan.

Have a good weekend, it is going to be 85 degrees here tomorrow so I am hoping for a little fun in the sun time!


Kat said...

Okay, you had me worried with that first one. The real one looks great!

Red Gate Farm said...

Although I liked clowns so much that my children's nursery had a clown theme... that first picture is scary!

I do however LOVE the real one!


Natalie said...

its so hard when our husbands dont share our visions....

i will definitely post about the floors...i have been waiting five years for this!!

Nikki said...

I love it! Great find!

angie said...

that's the sad clown from my circus tape!!!

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