Monday, March 14, 2011

Me + Cam = Yep!

Our trip to my parents last weekend was a short one. Eric had to get back to Auburn to let Cam and the other pro eligible players into the stadium to practice for Pro Day.

I was realllllly wanting to meet Cam, but didn't expect to be able to talk to him since he had so many people with him, hello-Warren Moon! Plus I am shy in these situations so I thought I would just stay in Eric's office afraid to come out.

We were talking to his mom Jackie, yeah we are tight like that, and she said Cameron get over here. Cam walked up introduced himself to me and Eric and shook our hands! He is really cute in real life and straight up muscle in case anyone was wondering.
It was a little too chilly for them to practice outside so he asked Eric if they could move the practice indoors. Then when he was leaving he got out of the truck and walked over to us and shook our hands again. He told Eric he appreciated everything but next time could he paint a CN on the field.
Since I had seen him at the NBA Allstar Slam Dunk wearing sunglasses inside, I thought he would be Hollywood Cam, but he was the same ole Cam that we all loved during the season.

Anyway I was pretty happy with a couple of handshakes from the Cameron Jarrell Newton. I had hoped for photographic evidence that I met Cam but was sure the memory would be burned into my heart forever.

But then look what happened!

OMG and he even smelled good after he had been practicing.

I am a happy lady. My husband is a happy man because I will now stop talking about wanting to get my picture made with Cam 24/7.

In case you forgot!

So I won't forget...
My 3 year old nephew thinks he is Cam Newton. He will argue until you are blue that he is the "Real" Cam Newton. We were watching you tube videos of Cam and he kept saying that they were fake because he is the real Cam. He says his name is Baron Cam Newton. It is so cute and hilarious to us of course. We were telling Cam's mom and she called Cameron over to tell him. They thought it was funny. My 7 year old nephew wrote Cam a letter had my sister scan and email it to me then I printed it out and gave it to Cam. Fan mail in 2011 is amazing!


Nikki said...

So cute. I love little kids imaginations. Cam is cute too ;)

The Williamson Family said...

I'm not for sure that is the real Cam Newton because we have a senior girl at Fayette whose name is Cameron Newton. So which one is real?

Kat said...

That's a great photo! So glad you got to finally meet him:)

Lori K said...


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Great picture too!

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