Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Yo

Thanks for the comments on my clean storage closet. It was a chore but behind me now.

Over the past several weeks there has been a lot about clutter talk floating around the interwebs. Here are some of my favorite articles, they helped me get motivated.

*The Nester had a post about decluttering and then another post made up of comments from that post. Both are worth reading for sure. (click on the word with the underline to take you there)

*Nester also pointed to "Loosen the "Grip of More Stuff"" on Small Notebook. Rachel pointed out 3 things about Stuff that really stuck with me, my favorite being:
"We never talked about our intentions to own so much stuff that we would spend our free time trying to organize it all." I didn't want to spend my rare time at my parents' house stuck in the attic but now I am finished, no more wasted time.

**Another blog I read, The Pink Peony of Le Jardin had the "3 Best Organizing Tips Ever" which are pretty much common sense but so true and great to be reminded of.

1. Don't be afraid to throw it away.
2. Be careful what you save.
3. You can't take a U-haul with you to the pearly gates.

Click here to read her thoughts on each one, they are worth reading as well.

Clover Lane is doing 40 bags in 40 days again.

I may try this but I don't keep a lot of stuff around so I'm not sure if I can get 40 bags but I may come close. We cleaned up the attic several weekends ago as we do a couple of times a year, just to keep everything in check so I guess I can count that stuff to my 40.

My biggest problem is my fabric. Since I'm not really sewing for my business anymore I have a ton of fabric that I am not ready to part with. Add that with the 4 huge totes in the attic and I may have a problem. Maybe next year I can part with it. Usually if I'm not ready to purge something I will reevaluate the next year and I'm ready. Besides living in old houses doesn't equal much storage space so we purge a lot more than most people.

So get to cleaning this weekend. Get it over with before the weather is too nice to stay inside, besides you get an extra hour of daylight Sunday! squee!

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Nikki said...

I thought we lost an hour?! I bet if you posted about your fabric you could negotiate a few sales. Just saying..turn fabric into money!

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