Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google Earth

Have you ever Google Earthed (new verb?) your house? This is how our house looks when you pull it up. eeek! Pretty bad! My coworker didn't even know it was the same place. This is how our house looked last summer. (before I restained the blinds) Amazing what a little love can do. And relandscaping. Does anyone know Google's phone number so I can get them to come out and take another picture?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adirondak Chairs

Yesterday I was in Home Depot and saw they had their adirondack chairs for $30!
Last year I found out about their sale too late and had to drive all over trying to find enough chairs for our backyard. So hit them up now, you will be glad you did!

I chose to stain our chairs so I wouldn't have to worry about chipped paint, but I love the painted look.
For $30 the chairs have held up well. In the spring I love to sit outside and read after work, these chairs are perfect for a little relaxation! Go out and buy one or four.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Random notes about my weekend...

Well the rummage sale was a success! We raised more money than last year which is always a good thing. It was fun and we met a lot of "interesting" people.

While we did great money wise, we didn't sell 2 of our items we really wanted to sell. I wish I had taken a picture but one was an "original art" creepy clown painting and the other was a white satin jumpsuit complete with appliques from the 80s that one of our member's mom wore while she was pregnant with her. They were both hilarious and we had them out together at the front of the sale to catch someone's eye. Several people thought about the clown painting but just couldn't pull the trigger.
The best find for me were these Frye boots. $10 people!! They are several sizes too small for me, but I bought them for my sister. If she can't wear them or doesn't want them, I can easily resell.

Sunday after church I layed out and got some actual sun. I also finished up my book I bought at the rummage sale so I am ready for

Eric had to work all weekend at softball and the main irrigation head broke on the football field so he was at work allll day Sunday repairing it. Claire and I ran to the stadium to check out the hole Eric had to dig. The gates onto the field are usually locked but since he was working on the field they were open. I always want to run in the stadium and onto the field like Forest Gump so yesterday that dream was fulfilled. I also worked on my 40 yard dash. The first time I ran I was in clogs and was at 7 seconds, 3 weeks later in proper shoes I am about 5.6!

Claire and I watched Eric fix the irrigation, wash his golf cart and then hung around trying to look busy. My
bff Cam was about to show up and we couldn't miss it. He finally got there and is still cute in case anyone was wondering...

Friday, March 25, 2011

For The Locals

If you are local, I've got a few things for you today.


Please go see The Civil Wars in concert tonight in Waverly. I want to go soooo badly but I may be tied up with rummage sale setup. If you don't know who they are, you are missing out. Here is their You Tube channel. Seriously people $12.50 for a great band. Tickets here.

My fave Poison & Wine


If you are into yard sales may I interest you in the Junior League of Lee County Rummage Sale Saturday? I am committee chair this year and well I will be glad to have this little event behind me. It is taking up too much of my brain space I reserve for day dreaming. But seriously we have some great things for sale.

Come support arts and literacy for the children of Lee County while buying some cool cheap stuff. I've already bought vintage Sporto duck boots, 2 books, a picture frame, a wallet, a new with tags baby outfit and new in package baby float. Don't worry there is plenty left for you.

So come, it is going to be EPIC! Oh and we will have DSquare Donuts, come early before I eat them all!

If you need a storage unit in Auburn please contact Auburn Climate Storage. They graciously donated a unit for us to use before the rummage sale and were so great to work with!


If you haven't taken time to drive the Auburn Floral Trail. DO! It is soooo beautiful. I am fortunate to live along the route so I have been loving it. My favorite road for some beauty is on Woodfield between Gay St and College St. Amazing right now. Go! all the azaleas and dogwoods are really showing off right now.


War Eagle!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Valley

Should I be embarassed that I can't wait until next Tuesday because Sweet Valley Ten Years Later - Confidential comes out?

Should I be even more embarassed that I read this book as late as Summer 2010?

Was anyone else a fan many years ago (or just last summer)? When I cleaned out my storage closet I found a few of my old SVH and Babysitters Club books. I kept them of course, I've got to keep my Summer 2011 reading fresh.

I can't wait to see what those perfect size 6 figures, sparkling blue-green eyes, golden tans and sun-kissed blonde hair twinenemies are up to. I bet they still have the Fiat in the garage, right outside the Wakefield's spanish style kitchen.

What can I say, I love great literature.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Paint By Numbers

Last week I was scoping out the frame section at every single thrift store in town looking for a frame for a little project I didn't end up doing, because I didn't find the perfect frame.

But I did find the perfect vintage paint by numbers painting. Don't roll your eyes.

Ok just kidding but I had to put something realllly bad so you wouldn't think the real thing was so bad.

This one is for real. Look how perfect it is in the guest room!

Now just to get Eric to hang it up on the wall. Which may be hard because he isn't a fan.

Have a good weekend, it is going to be 85 degrees here tomorrow so I am hoping for a little fun in the sun time!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Me + Cam = Yep!

Our trip to my parents last weekend was a short one. Eric had to get back to Auburn to let Cam and the other pro eligible players into the stadium to practice for Pro Day.

I was realllllly wanting to meet Cam, but didn't expect to be able to talk to him since he had so many people with him, hello-Warren Moon! Plus I am shy in these situations so I thought I would just stay in Eric's office afraid to come out.

We were talking to his mom Jackie, yeah we are tight like that, and she said Cameron get over here. Cam walked up introduced himself to me and Eric and shook our hands! He is really cute in real life and straight up muscle in case anyone was wondering.
It was a little too chilly for them to practice outside so he asked Eric if they could move the practice indoors. Then when he was leaving he got out of the truck and walked over to us and shook our hands again. He told Eric he appreciated everything but next time could he paint a CN on the field.
Since I had seen him at the NBA Allstar Slam Dunk wearing sunglasses inside, I thought he would be Hollywood Cam, but he was the same ole Cam that we all loved during the season.

Anyway I was pretty happy with a couple of handshakes from the Cameron Jarrell Newton. I had hoped for photographic evidence that I met Cam but was sure the memory would be burned into my heart forever.

But then look what happened!

OMG and he even smelled good after he had been practicing.

I am a happy lady. My husband is a happy man because I will now stop talking about wanting to get my picture made with Cam 24/7.

In case you forgot!

So I won't forget...
My 3 year old nephew thinks he is Cam Newton. He will argue until you are blue that he is the "Real" Cam Newton. We were watching you tube videos of Cam and he kept saying that they were fake because he is the real Cam. He says his name is Baron Cam Newton. It is so cute and hilarious to us of course. We were telling Cam's mom and she called Cameron over to tell him. They thought it was funny. My 7 year old nephew wrote Cam a letter had my sister scan and email it to me then I printed it out and gave it to Cam. Fan mail in 2011 is amazing!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Yo

Thanks for the comments on my clean storage closet. It was a chore but behind me now.

Over the past several weeks there has been a lot about clutter talk floating around the interwebs. Here are some of my favorite articles, they helped me get motivated.

*The Nester had a post about decluttering and then another post made up of comments from that post. Both are worth reading for sure. (click on the word with the underline to take you there)

*Nester also pointed to "Loosen the "Grip of More Stuff"" on Small Notebook. Rachel pointed out 3 things about Stuff that really stuck with me, my favorite being:
"We never talked about our intentions to own so much stuff that we would spend our free time trying to organize it all." I didn't want to spend my rare time at my parents' house stuck in the attic but now I am finished, no more wasted time.

**Another blog I read, The Pink Peony of Le Jardin had the "3 Best Organizing Tips Ever" which are pretty much common sense but so true and great to be reminded of.

1. Don't be afraid to throw it away.
2. Be careful what you save.
3. You can't take a U-haul with you to the pearly gates.

Click here to read her thoughts on each one, they are worth reading as well.

Clover Lane is doing 40 bags in 40 days again.

I may try this but I don't keep a lot of stuff around so I'm not sure if I can get 40 bags but I may come close. We cleaned up the attic several weekends ago as we do a couple of times a year, just to keep everything in check so I guess I can count that stuff to my 40.

My biggest problem is my fabric. Since I'm not really sewing for my business anymore I have a ton of fabric that I am not ready to part with. Add that with the 4 huge totes in the attic and I may have a problem. Maybe next year I can part with it. Usually if I'm not ready to purge something I will reevaluate the next year and I'm ready. Besides living in old houses doesn't equal much storage space so we purge a lot more than most people.

So get to cleaning this weekend. Get it over with before the weather is too nice to stay inside, besides you get an extra hour of daylight Sunday! squee!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recipe Repost

Today is a straight up blah day. I had a dream last night that Eric didn't do the laundry for like a week and then he just piled the clean clothes on top of the dirty clothes in the laundry room floor. But worst of all he washed all my black clothes with a fuzzy white blanket. My dream crossed over to reality when I woke up in a bad mood, but relieved to see we don't have laundry to catch up on. But now it is raining a lot and I am in a blah mood.

This is a happy post so I decided to repost it. Maybe whip some cookies at lunch to make everyone in a better mood.


July 2009

I have been craving something sweet a lot lately. But I haven't wanted to make any treats because I don't like for them to sit in our house and me eat all of them. So tonight I will be going to sewing club and I can take some cookies for us to snack on and Eric is having a friend over for Westfalia Sausage so they can eat the rest of the cookies.

This recipe is so simple and quick that I made these while I was home on my lunch break today.

All you need is

1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of peanut butter, and 1 egg.

Mix together and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

And you will have this

Then offer your husband a hot peanut butter cookie and he will look like this

and love you forever for having hot cookies waiting on him at lunch!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Closet Cleaning

Last weekend Eric and I made a trip to visit my Madre and
Padre. My main goal was to clean out my storage closet.
This post is really wordy but I am trying to write down some things so I can remember what was tossed out one day when I forget.

In all of the upstairs bedrooms at my parents house we have little storage closets which are really just attic space accessible on the dormer wall by a little door. It was great to have because all that junk that my sister's and I accumulated went in there instead of junking up our bedrooms. The con is that the storage closets are still full of that junk 10 years after we moved out. My goal for the weekend was to get that closet cleaned out.

Yikes. All the years of my youth crammed into that unfinished attic space.

I didn't really know what to do so I just started working my way back throwing things away as I went. My nephew also helped taking out the bags and boxes when they were full.

This was the pile of junk to throw away!!

A whole truck load of trash. After I went through all of my save things I ended up with several more bags of trash.

While Eric and my dad were at the dump, I emptied all the "keeps" into my bedroom.
Here is the storage closet emptied out except for two big boxes of trophies. Yes we were toddlers in tiaras but not crazy like pageants now days.

While this still looks like a pile of trash it is actually the keeps to sort through.

Here are the toys I found. I got rid of the Magic Copier, I loved that toy and remember getting it for my birthday. Strange for me to get a paper "copier" as a toy? Well I also asked and received a type writer from Santa! The Piggly Wiggly pig I won one day when I was grocery shopping with my mom, and that crazy cat that would go when you put batteries in it. My Caboodle! I ended up getting rid of a few of the toys but have this photo to remember them, which is enough for me because they were living in a box anyway.

I was so happy I found some of my favorite books!! We all loved The Berenstain Bears between myself and my sisters we have just about every one. The Wee Kitten Who Sucked Her Thumb was my all time fav so I brought it home with me. Sadly DJ's Full House Family Scrapbook and the Sweet Valley Twins & Baby Sitters Club books didn't make the cut and were donated. But I did keep one of each to read.

This are all my keep items. I was soooo obsessed with Ryan Klesko of the Atlanta Braves. I had so many pictures, posters, baseball cards, plaques, magazines, newspapers with Ryan Klesko in them. Guess how many I threw out, zero. I just couldn't do it. My nephew asked me for some of the Klesko baseball cards and I wouldn't let him have them. lol. I had one of the two storage boxes that went back into the closet full of Klesko!

I also kept everything with my name on it because it is so cute. I was able to store newspaper articles and special cards in the rainbow box. I also kept my Keroppi pencil box and Koosh Ball because they are so cute. Of course I kept my favorite books and dolls, some art, the keyboard I remember getting and the glitter pen I always loved. Oh and I can't leave out that stamp collection!

My mom has been cleaning out the walk in attic and found a bunch of our old dolls. She wouldn't let us get rid of the Cabbage Patch dolls, Rainbow Bright, Care Bears or the Raggedy Ann/Andy dolls. We also had to keep a few stuffed animals. But I was able to condense them all to one storage bin. We also still have all of our dance, play, and dress up costumes so those were all consolidated to one box. Maybe one day there will be a granddaughter that will have fun playing in them.

And ta da! The final product. I reduced everything to 2 storage bins - one for Ryan Klesko and one of toys. My dad and I made the black table when I was in high school, one of the window panes is broken but I didn't want to get rid of it so I put it in here. I still have some wedding gifts that my mom needed to use in a few weeks for a party so I left them. But other than that it is empty!!

I am so glad we had those storage closets growing up because I am sure I saved a lot of things that were thrown out by others that didn't have that little space to keep everything in. I have had the clean out on my to do list for about 10 years but I am glad I didn't do it sooner. I would have not appreciated seeing a lot of the things then that are special to me now. Not that I kept all those things but they were fun to see and jogged a memory I had forgotten about.
I saved cards from family and friends that were fun to read. I tossed a lot of them but held on to the special ones. They mean a lot more to me now than when I was 16 living in a teenage bubble. I was also happy I saved a lot of the school reports about myself. I had forgotten so many things about my younger self.
I've changed a lot but still like a lot of the same things. I found some journals from English class in 11th grade where we had to write about our future spouse. Mine of course was a professional baseball player, but I also said "but if I do have to marry a regular person and get a job that will be fine". lol. Guess how that one turned out.
Crazy thing is I described Eric perfectly. Little did I know marring a regular person is perfect and I still get to go to the baseball field to see my husband at work. God knew that when I wrote that journal entry on January 14, 1999 Eric was going to be my husband and I think that is so cool!

I wanted to be a developer and design all the houses we built in my communities. It was fun to find a tons of house plans saved for ideas. A quilt kit from 20 years ago made me smile knowing that I love to quilt today. My nephew loved helping me and he ended up with a big stack of baseball cards- not Ryan Klesko's of course. Oh and I found $10!

Although it wasn't the most fun way to spend a Saturday. I still made time to see my niece and nephews, shop around town with my mom and sister, and celebrate my dad's birthday.

I am so happy to have this chore behind me. I would hate for my parents to have to sift through all of that junk and I am glad that I did it in my time not during a forced time under stress. Now it is finished I will never have to clean that closet out again!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Flowers

I love this time of year! Free flowers in the back yard ready for me to pick. I love all the different varieties of daffodils and the hyacinth is a surprise in our back yard jungle. Lilly of the Valley is one of my favs, I wanted it for my wedding bouquet but it was going to be some kind of crazy expensive so now I can enjoy it for free every year!

I picked these flowers last night as little gifts for friends in mind. Then I thought about my vases and I'm not ready to part with them. So I decided that I will collect little vases all year so next spring I will be ready to give little happies to friends and let the little vases be gifts too.

On a totally unrelated note I received the skirt I ordered from Lands' End Canvas. I love it so! I got an email today that from 3/4-3/7 the sale items are an additional 30% off and with $50 you get free shipping! I ordered the same skirt in another color, some pants and a shirt. Since I'm not sure of my size I ordered several different sizes thus bringing my total to over $50 for free shipping. I will return the wrong sizes to Sears and not have to pay for shipping either way. Ha! take that minimum $50 order for free shipping.
Anyway the code is CANVAS30 and PIN 1107

Have a great weekend hope it is sprigy where you are!

p.s. I think that daffodils poison whatever cut flower they are arranged with. The Hyacinth is still looking good so I may be making this up but if you are making a huge arrangement check first before using daffodils with other flowers.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leaf Book Wreath

Did you know March is National Craft Month? I finished this craft before NCM, but I'm sharing during NCM so I should be fine.

We bought a new dresser for our bedroom recently. I needed something to take up some wall space above the dresser so I decided to make a book wreath. I don't have enough patience to do the folded or roll wreath so I decided to do a
Leaf Book Wreath

I took a book, Bridget Jones' Diary which turned out to not be the best book. I had to make sure I wasn't gluing on some leaves with words I didn't want to be displayed on my wall. Ripped out the pages and cut out some leaf shapes then creased them down the middle.

I hot glued the leaves around the wreath and then in the inside and outside. If you were smarter than me you would just wrap some fabric around the wreath to hide the sides.

After about 30 minutes of gluing your book leaf wreath is ready to hang. I hot glued a paper clip to the back to act as a hook.
Eric thinks I should make more layers which he told me after I had thrown all the extras away.

Since Bridget Jones Diary is written like a journal, I put the leaf with June 25 on the top- our wedding anniversary.

I bought the butterfly art for a little girl's room, but I don't have a little girl so we are using them for now.

Anyone have plans for National Craft Month?
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