Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Today,

something happened at my house and I had to take my Cam poster off my dining room wall :(

interior design school skills at their finest!

If you know me then you know something is up if my house looks like this. Good news though I didn't go crazy.

The breezeway looked like this...

claire was jealous

Before they left I had bought this rug from them and my table got some pretty flowers.

And my feet got some new kicks out of the deal.

Sorry to be a minx, but I am afraid I will jinx.

I am sure you will get your fill when my secret I will spill.


Nikki said...

Are you going to be on TV? Or are you pregnant and nesting?

Red Gate Farm said...

well you've certainly got my curiosity up!


Rachel said...

Love the rug!!

Anonymous said...

Are you moving?

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