Friday, February 25, 2011

Recent Recipes

Yesterday I saw a recipe online for homemade cinnamon rolls WITHOUT dairy!! (eric can't have dairy, not a lactose problem but a dairy enzyme problem so even lactose free doesn't work)

I had no idea how long it takes to work with yeast. I didn't let the dough rise like it should have because we were pushing 10 o'clock people - four hours after I had started and this lady was ready to go to bed.
I am not sure but maybe that is why they turned out more bready than flaky. I was a little disappointed but I am sure I will try to improve on my skills.

Never the less, all 36 cinnamon rolls or flat buns (?) have been eaten thanks to hungry coworkers!

I also made a couple of other good recipes last week for Supper Club at my hizzle.
First up is Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes. Just like Kat said they are from heaven! They taste divine and even better totally make ahead. I made them on Thursday night and then Friday heated them up. Just make sure you let your glass cooking dish warm up to roomish temperature before baking or your dish will break. The recipe makes a ton, I ate four servings...

sorry for the icky photo, food + artificial light + photos = not so great looking food

The other recipe to share is Pioneer Woman's Fresh Green Beans. The last time I made these we ate them the same night meh, but the next day they tasted so much better. So last week while the potatoes were boiling I made the green beans. I just warmed them up the next day in a skillet stovetop. So good!

And there you have it. A cinnamon roll recipe that will take forever to make but your husband will love you forever. A mashed potato recipe that is sooooo good and you can make the night before and you will be so happy you aren't rushing boiling potatoes when you should be getting ready for dinner guests to arrive. And a green bean recipe that you can make the night before while the potatoes are boiling.
Have a good weekend!


Nikki said...

YUM! I can't believe you took them to work, my Husband would have had a fit! I always tell him you don't need a whole pan of x,y,z but he still gets upset.

Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

Yumm! I'm gonna have to try that potato recipe this weekend.

Kat said...

Yay! So glad you liked 'em:)

Kat said...

Just curious--has your husband ever tried raw milk? I heard people who can't typically drink milk can digest it in the raw form. Just wondering if he ever tried it.

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