Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little Tip or 2...

I wore this little outfit.
the end.

so awkward to get pics

I bought the flannel gingham print shirt in the boys department at Target for $3.50 a couple of weeks ago. I wore it last week with a lavender corduroy skirt. Since I was the only person at work that day I thought I could get away with wearing it again this week.

For my "remix" I paired my new fav shirt with a green sweater. But you know how annoying it is when you wear a fitted sweater or shirt over a button up. Well I solved the little problem...

I wore a cami over my button up shirt. It smoothed out everything plus the buttons and the check pattern didn't show through the sweater. A cami over the button up may be an old trick but I just figured it out and I am so happy!

And for hair: I don't wash mine everyday, mostly every other day or sometimes I go another day after that. Add a little mousse to your roots before drying your hair. The mousse helps to keep the oil away from the roots. I always thought I couldn't skip a hair wash but I have trained my hair to give off less oil by washing it less. It is true, just ask the internet!

Good thing you stopped by today, now you know how to dress in boy clothes and not wash your hair! Your husband will love you forever after this.


Kat said...

So cute! I'll have to try that hair trick. I swear I have to wash my hair everyday. Maybe I can "train it" like yours!

Rachel said...

Love the outfit!!

I'm a wash every other day girl, too. I'll have to try the mousse trick.

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

love both outfits! :) and your hair is beautiful - i wash mine twice, sometimes three times a week and ive never heard of mousse on your roots. may have to check that out. what kind of mousse do you use?

Nikki said...

Cute shirt! I'm going to have to see if my Target has it.

I've been washing my hair less and less too. I'll have to give the mousse to the roots a try ;)

lori K said...

i never thought to wear a cami...brilliant! i too hate all the bulky-ness but love the layered look! thanks!

Bek* said...

i used to have to wash my hair if i took a nap, it would get so greasy. now i wash it on monday and friday. that's all.

also the cami trick is genius.

alanna rose said...

Oh my goodness - best tip ever! You're a genius :)

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