Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leaf Book Wreath

Did you know March is National Craft Month? I finished this craft before NCM, but I'm sharing during NCM so I should be fine.

We bought a new dresser for our bedroom recently. I needed something to take up some wall space above the dresser so I decided to make a book wreath. I don't have enough patience to do the folded or roll wreath so I decided to do a
Leaf Book Wreath

I took a book, Bridget Jones' Diary which turned out to not be the best book. I had to make sure I wasn't gluing on some leaves with words I didn't want to be displayed on my wall. Ripped out the pages and cut out some leaf shapes then creased them down the middle.

I hot glued the leaves around the wreath and then in the inside and outside. If you were smarter than me you would just wrap some fabric around the wreath to hide the sides.

After about 30 minutes of gluing your book leaf wreath is ready to hang. I hot glued a paper clip to the back to act as a hook.
Eric thinks I should make more layers which he told me after I had thrown all the extras away.

Since Bridget Jones Diary is written like a journal, I put the leaf with June 25 on the top- our wedding anniversary.

I bought the butterfly art for a little girl's room, but I don't have a little girl so we are using them for now.

Anyone have plans for National Craft Month?


Kat said...

Oh no, I'm in trouble if it's National Craft Month. Totally not crafty. Love the wreath, girl! And the butterfly prints are so not too girly. They look great there! Can you send some of your craftiness over to my house?

Nikki said...

I love it! So much easier than the scrolled pages and looks like it's from Anthro!

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