Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ikea Rast Improvement

So as mentioned earlier, like way back in July we are now owners of the IKEA Rast Dressers, used as nightstands. Not sure why they are called dressers, they are nightstand scale. Isn't it a beaut! There are tons of Ikea Rast hacks floating around the interwebs so I thought we could do our own hack and come out with some new nightstands for little monies. Onto the improvements: We bought the nightstands for only $30 each. They aren't the finest piece of furniture but for someone with revolving tastes and furniture commitment issues, they are the perfect solution. Our bed is pretty tall so the nightstands were pretty squatty and the scale was all wrong. To fix that problem we used 1"x3" pine boards (the nightstands are pine) to give them some height, then finished it off with molding so it somewhat looks like our bed. Before we could do this we had to adjust the base where the wood inset a bit. Eric just took the bottom panel off and attached it to the front so we would have something to attach the 1x3 to.
The assembly was pretty easy, of course Eric was the one that put the nightstands together, but they only took about 20 minutes each.
Here is the height addition, I forgot to take a pic before I stained them. I decided to stain the nightstands since our bed was stained. First I used wood conditioner on them before staining. Then I used a base coat of Red Mahogany since our bed has a bit of a red undertone and then went over that with several coats of a darker stain to match more of the brown tones of the wood in the bed. This photo shows the red in the bed and nightstand
But this photo is more accurate of the true look.

We still aren't sure if we love the stain. The wood has a lot of grain, and even though I don't like matchy furniture sets these nightstands are sort of really close but not at all so it makes it look like I tried to match the bed but couldn't. We were thinking about painting them, but now I'm use to it. So who knows.

I found a great deal on the pulls from Excel Hardware on ebay. I only paid $20 including shipping for 12 pulls!! It was my first time using someone on ebay from over seas, but it worked out great. Shipping did take a little longer.
The totals

$64.80 for the nightstands

$8 for stain

$20 for handles

$3 for scrapbook paper


$95 for 2 nightstands - $50 I made by selling our old ones = $45! Pretty good deal.


Rachel said...

They look great!!


they turned out awesome

Nikki said...

Holy smokes those pulls were cheap! I love the look. Think you could've gone grey also to match your greek key pillows. But I like stain and you're not matchy matchy at all.

Kat said...

Lookin' good! Love how you modified the bottoms.

alanna rose said...

They look great! I especially love those pulls...I think a nightstand upgrade is needed at my house, too :)

Natalie said...

im so glad you commented on my blog bc, as much as i love google reader and my blackberry, i always forget to go back and comment on those posts i want to comment on - this definitely being one of them....they look awesome V! fabulous work

A Baby in Salem said...

What did you do about the silver screws on the side?

vanessa said...

The silver screws are still there but I did stain over them so they aren't really noticable. My husband wanted to replace the IKEA screws with screws that could be inset but we just never got around to it.

Mary Virginia said...

Found your post on Pinterest. The chests look amazing! Do you know the color of the stains you used? Great job!

Mark said...

Love the dark stain on those. Pine can be tricky with stain absorption, but the wood conditioner should have helped. (I mention that because you've definitely got some light/dark contrast going on there.)

Jennifer said...

They really do look great. We just bought a rast and I've plans to modify mine. I'm still unsure if I want to paint or stain and though I wasn't sure if the pine would stain nicely, you've shown it can be done. Nice hardware too!

Webster Jones said...

The dresser is fantastic! I showed your blog to my wife and she loved your room. She wants to do a dresser similar to yours and wants to know where you got your headboard. We both like the beauty of the simple lines of the bed.

vanessa said...

Thank you Webster! Our bed is by Lane the Gammercy Park collection.

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