Thursday, January 13, 2011

Game Day

So it was finally Monday, Game Day. I was ready since I had only been sleeping about 4 hours a night I was glad for Monday to get here. We of course went out before sunrise and had breakfast in the hotel lobby by the fire place. Since it was so early we were pretty much the only ones stirring around.

Finally it was time to get ready. I of course was sporting my #23 shirt for my favorite player Onterio McCalebb. I made the shirt the week before. I just printed out jersey letters cut them out, ironed them on, and sewed around them. It looked a little incomplete so per Eric's suggestion I added the arm bands. Making it was a little annoying since sequins can't be ironed over. But it was worth it because both Onterio and the #23 Ronnie Brown from my college years said they liked my shirt!!!

Eric's brother got to come to the game. Along with our friends Brian and Andy

Sweet! The most coveted ticket on the planet. EVER

Eric & Kyle before going into the stadium, which took forever!

Auburn has a home game tradition called Tiger Walk where the players walk from the athletic complex to the stadium. Thousands of fans line the street to catch a glimpse of the players. They didn't have a tiger walk at this game but fans lined up to welcome the player buses. I am sure there were about 5o,000 fans lined up.

I was one of them!

As the buses went down to let the players off under the stadium all the fans were cheering "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger". That was one of the best parts of the day!

For Christmas my inlaws gave me a new zoom lens. I had such a great time with it during the game. Some of seniors one last time.

Cam was pointing at me to come out of the stands.

Onterio must have seen the sequins on my shirt.

So if you watched the game you know it came down to the last second. We won it with a kick by Wes Byrum. Can you imagine last kick of your college career being the one that won the National Championship?!

Bo knows National Champs

Defensive Player of the game Nick Fairley, who was very nice to us at the hotel.

Offensive player was Michael Dyer

T'Sharvan Bell is another one of my favorite players. He is so animated and I think if he ever decides not to play football he should try out to be Aubie.

And of course we can't leave out Cam. The party just wasn't the same without him running around and blowing kisses.

Did you see us on tv? Our phones didn't have service inside but as soon as we walked outside I received a ton of texts from people that saw us. We still haven't watched the game but plan on buying a copy this weekend.


After the game we got back to the hotel and stayed in the lobby. When the players got back they did a little tiger walk inside and it just happened to be where we were standing.

Game winner Wes Byrum

Eric giving Nick Fairley a high 5

And this could quiet possibly be the best and worst picture of me ever. Best because Onterio was the last to walk through and he saw me and my shirt and stopped and gave me a hug and told me loved the shirt. I'm not a hugger but I think I hugged him back and by the looks of this picture I think I thought we were bff. Worst because I was leaning backwards so Eric could fit us both in the shot and it made all 3 of my chins come out. But even though I look bad and the picture is blurry it captured the moment and excitement.


Ben and Emily said...

How exciting is this! It's neat seeing the game from the "stadium" perspective!

I was so nervous for Wes and am so happy he made that winning field goal (my brother was a kicker, so I know the stress!)!! What a way to end your collegiate career!

looks like y'all made some wonderful memories and I'm sure your grandchildren one day will be impressed!!

Rachel said...

LOVE your's adorable!

Red Gate Farm said...

LOVE it all... I have to tell you, here in the Pacific Northwest most people were Oregon fans.... I told everyone at work that I HAD to support Auburn because one of my blogger friends did!

Thanks for giving us all an "inside peek" to everything.


Nikki said...

So much fun! Who cleans up all that confetti I wonder?

I guess I'm glad you didn't sell your ticket after all ;)

Bek* said... are hilarious. i also was just giddy with excitement reading this post and living vicariously through you.

also, i love the picture of you and ontario. you don't look like bff's. you look like boyfriend/girlfriend.

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