Friday, January 21, 2011


Has this been the longest week for you, yeah me too.
If you live in Auburn go to Taylor's Bakery today. They are having their cupcake explosion and all cupcakes are $1. I meant to buy one but came out with 6 and had to eat one in the car because those little Reese Pieces kept looking at me.

If you don't live in Auburn, I'm sorry because you should. But you can come here tomorrow for our National Championship Celebration! It will be fun, promise!


Nikki said...

Those reeses pieces are staring at me too!

Kat said...

Wow. I can go for one of those right now!

Red Gate Farm said...

I'm sort of ashamed to admit, but I'm not a football fan although a championship does deserve a GREAT celebration.... I would however visit for those cupcakes! They look great.

We have a local cupcake place but it really doesn't meet the standards that Trophy Cupcake in Seattle has. I haven't had a Trophy since last June. Lucky you to have a place local that you love!


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