Monday, January 31, 2011


So Saturday it was beautiful around here, the temp got up to almost 70! We actually went to the grocery store which I hadn't done in about 2 weeks. I'm not sure how many meals you can make out off eggs but we had scrambled eggs, french toast and eggs with sausage 3 times last week for supper. Can you tell eggs were the only thing in the house?

We also went to Home Depot to pick up paint samples for our interior doors. I chose Glidden Dark Olive and Martha Stewart Feather Duster from the 12 I started with.

The top half of the door is Feather Duster and the bottom half is the Dark Ivy.

It is pretty much impossible to tell anything with my mad photog skills but I think I am leaning more towards the Dark Ivy on the bottom. It is a little darker and has less green and it just really pretty and my door knobs look perfect against the color. I am still not use to the door being painted dark and when I walk by and glance over I get irritated thinking Eric left the door open. oops!

Now looking for the motivation to paint 11 more doors!

PS I made Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man Sandwich Saturday night and it was good to the max. But goo at the butter!

PSS Am I the only one excited to buy Pioneer Woman's new book tomorrow?


Rachel said...

LOVE the darker one on bottom. I'm really surprised, too, because I think when you first shared your colors I picked a lighter version. It looks great and makes me want to go paint all of my doors. :O)

Kat said...

I'm a fan of the bottom color too. Those will look so nice. I never really thought about painting doors a darker color, but now I can't stop thinking about it. And those sandwiches...oh my word. Were they amazing?

Elizabeth A. said...

You know I am excited about PW's new book! We need to have another dinner to celebrate! :)

Nikki said...

I like the bottom too. I'd take all the doors off and buy a paint sprayer. I hate painting.

Off to check out those sandwiches!

Pine Tree Home said...

My eye went right to the bottom one. I really like it. Do tell how you do so the rest of us can copy.


Dang 70 degrees so jealous :(
I love the bottom half color too.

Shelley said...

I'm making those sandwiches this weekend! I'm obsessed with her site and want to make everything she has on there!! Glad you liked them!

Haven and Home said...

Love it! I had to laugh because we live on that for weeks too. When people ask us what we eat during the week we are always stumped!

Jo said...

I like the dark ivy myself :) looks good with the trim~


paula said...

um, hello! I am love with the dark doors. I like both choices.


Lisa Mowry forwarded me you blog.....I am so glad that you sent your project in to her!!! Your home is so cute and I wish I had a "handy husband" like yours!!!

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