Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doilies, Washing Machines and Paint

Last year I saw a tutorial on Under the Sycamore on a doily table runner. I started to buy doilies whenever I saw them at the thrift store. Which was twice. So I don't have very many doilies. I think I have about 15 but they are all smallish. Half of them were blue and I tried to bleach them in my washer last weekend and it didn't work at all. So they soaked in a sink bleach bath overnight and that did the trick.

Today I found these big mammas and I will be bleaching them. Hopefully I can finish this project soon, I want it to be a "snowflake" table runner and I've already got spring on my mind. If you have any doilies you want to give to the cause send them my way.

If you have a front loader washing machine are you successful when bleaching things in it? I bleach our white towels, shirts, and socks but never feel like they come out any whiter. And now after bleaching the blue doilies and them not changing at all I am pretty sure I am wasting my time. There isn't a bleach or soak cycle on my machine so I don't know how to change it up. It is annoying but bleaching did get my machine clean and the musty smell gone. ick

And one more thing if you have a front loader how often do you clean it? I cleaned out the seal drain holes Saturday and it was nasty but only the 2nd time I had done it during their 18 month life. I used several qtips to get in the little holes which helped a lot. I don't understand why I have to clean my machine, it is suppose to work for me. We don't shut the door unless there is a load going EVER or the moisture has no where to dry out and it starts to stank.

I am getting ready to paint my interior doors. I started with about 10 paint cards and now have 4 left. Do you wonder why our door has that little wood panel? me too.

A favorite?


Rachel said...

My favorite paint color is the bottom one.

I seriously may have some doilies to send your way...if I haven't given them away already. I'll look and let you know.

I've never cleaned my that bad?! I did notice a commercial for these:

Red Gate Farm said...

Oh my, I've never cleaned my front load washer and it's 6 years old?? I guess I should dig out my owner's manual...

Can't wait to see the doily runner, what a great wintry idea.

And I think it's hard to bleach something in a front loader cuz it mixes well with the water so it's pretty diluted. For us bleach challenged people (think spots on stuff) it's fantastic! I haven't ruined anything with bleach in a long time.


Nikki said...

Bottom two, but I'm partial to shades of grey. Probably because I live in Seattle.

We have a front loader too and I haevn't thought about it, but I don't notice a difference when we bleach either. And I always leave the door open to dry it out. I'm worried about mold. I do clean out the trays because the lint seems to fly around and stick to the soap.

Can't wait to see your finished doily. I want to make one too now!

Wyogirl said...

I HAD a front load washer. Spent a ridiculous amount of money on it. Finally got rid of it after only a year and went back to a basic top load. I am much, much happier, except that I am so mad at myself that I bought into the marketing hype of spending all the $$ on a front-load to begin with.

For starters, the gunk build-up really grossed me out. Then, nothing seemed to ever get really clean in the washer -- my towels always smelled mildewy. I couldn't use it to felt or dye or bleach. Now that I am back to the basic washer I am everso much happier.

Ben and Emily said...

Have a basic ole regular washer, so I'm no help!

I do like the brown (2nd) or the last two! Can't wait to see the final product!

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