Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Auburn University 2010 National Champs!!

I have so much to talk about regarding Auburn being NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and our trip. We had a great weekend and maybe the best MONDAY in history! If you don't care to hear about Auburn then steer clear for a few days because I have a lot I want to remember.

We left early Saturday morning and flew out to Phoenix. It was great because we were bused to the airport and put on the plane with a bag full of Chick-fil-A breakfast!

Saturday night AU hosted a welcome reception. It was fun and festive with the decorations and very very very good Mexican food.

We stayed at the Scottsdale Plaza in Scottsdale of course. It was rented out by Auburn so everyone that was there was for Auburn. We stayed right in the middle of the players which was fun and our room was next to the ice machine so we heard a lot of interesting conversations. haha.

I couldn't sleep the whole trip so we woke up most mornings by 6 and went on walks to watch the sun rise.

Loved all the fruit trees and the mountains and the palm trees and that they have gravel instead of mulch.

Since we were up so early with nothing to do we went down to Old Town Scottsdale. It was pretty dead on Sunday morning so early but it was still pretty.

Then we went to the pep rally site before the pep rally started. I am glad we didn't stay there were over 50,000 fans there and they had to turn away 3,000. Lots of people!

After going to the most awesome mall ever we came back to the hotel. Eric's boss had to bring the Heisman Trophy to Arizona so he let us take a few photos.

I wish we had worn light clothes so you could actually see the trophy.

Then we headed out for our tour of University of Phoenix stadium. Boring and intresting all mixed into one. I think the normal seating for this stadium is around 64,000 and to get it approved for a National Championship game they had to increase by at least 10,000 seats. These seats aren't ever there but they put them up for this game. It is also where they roll the field outside. The tracks are tiny and only stick up 1/8" of an inch.

The logos were so intricate they were painting with a paint brush. And the field was a little wavy. Did you notice how bad everyone was slipping during the game? Everyone in our section worked with Eric and were yelling "put Kleypas in" when the players were missing plays because of the bad turf. haha.

The stadium had an industrial style, because it was cheaper and functional. It is a lot harder to destroy concrete than it is nice finishes. It was pretty cool. I loved this light they used in the suites.

Industrial Chic?

We decided not to drive out to Sedona. We were trying to rent the last car available in Phoenix and they wanted to charge us $160 for a day. Crazy so since we had already been and they had other events planned we decided not to go.


Rachel said...

Glad you guys had a great trip!!! :o)

Nikki said...

I don't care a lick about sports but found this post intersting, so thanks for that! Did you take that first photo? It is awesome!

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

Lori said...

Awesome! What a great experience you guys must have had. I miss Auburn so much. My hubs played baseball there and they went to the World Series then and he said he cant image what the players are feeling bc he felt like a rock star when they were in Omaha! We didnt get to go to the game but rooted them on from our house. Great pics!

Bek* said...

we were saying that when we were watching the game about eric! i was like "i wonder what he has to say about this!"

i'm so glad y'all had such an amazing time...jealous.

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