Monday, January 24, 2011

AU Weekend

This past weekend my parents and nephew came down for the Auburn National Championship Celebration!

It was packed with around 78,000 people in attendance- for a celebration not a game! It was crazy.

Elizabeth this picture is for you. Cam + Aubie = awesome!

A lot of people spoke, the Governor, AD, AU President blah blah blah then the trophies were presented and several of the players spoke as well.

"This is the last time I'll be on this field as an Auburn football player, and I think there is one last thing for me to say how I really feel: I believe in Auburn and I love it. War Eagle!" Cam

Did a little Heisman pose

After the celebration we were in line for Tiger Walk when the person beside us said look at that man up there, I would be so scared. See that little door beside the flag pole?

I looked up and it was Eric raising the new National Championship flag.

After the celebration had a reverse Tiger Walk was held. The players walked from the locker room to the athletic complex. Brooks loved it and was able to be on the front row!

Lucky boy he got a slap from Cam!!! My mom did too. I was taking the picture so I didn't get one but I am so happy to have captured Brooks "with" Cam.

That night for supper we had "Cam"burgers and "Fairley" fries and Cammy Cam Juice to drink. Yep that is a poster of Cam in my dining room, he joined us in spirit.

We promised Brooks a trip to Toomers to roll the trees. We waited until the crowed died down that night.

He loved getting to roll a tree and not get in trouble. He also loved to throw wads of toilet paper and I just so happened to be taking his picture when he threw this one at me.

Brooks loves to kick the football and he had been practicing for this trip so we had to go by the stadium Sunday to let him kick a field goal. He made it on his first try. And my mom and dad made field goals too!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for allowing Brooks this great experience and chaperoning him on rolling his first tree! Ha! He just told me those Camburgers were the bomb! He was so proud of Meme for kicking her first field goal!

elizabeth said...

thanks for the long bf cam

Anonymous said...

Been lurking for a while -- found your blog after some Auburn google search. I'm from Alabama, but far from home, and far from my beloved alma mater. I love reading your Auburn posts -- makes me a little less homesick. And how awesome that you get to play on the field -- such a great experience for your nephew (a future Tiger I hope)! It was always my dream to be married on that field . . . Maybe for my vow renewals!

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