Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Calendar

It has been all I can do to get through this work week. I can't wait until Saturday and then Monday when Auburn plays in the National Championship game!! I have been loving all of the news coverage and I've been watching videos and I'm pumped up!
Ticket prices are averaging around $3,000 per ticket -craziness I thought it was ridiculous when the were at $900 a ticket. Based on online sites I think we could price ours at $11,000 each for our 4 tickets but we can't sell. Can you imagine $44,000 I could get my pool or a sweet car or a trip around the world or add onto the lakehouse!!
I know of someone that sent out an email looking for tickets that said "Sell me 2 tickets and you and your husband can go to Hawaii for a week. Sell me 4 tickets and you and your whole family can go to Hawaii for a week. Sell me 6 tickets and you can get a new car." I'm sure he found his tickets by now!

I've been making out my calendars and schedules over and over tying not to leave anything out getting ready for my big trip! I can be a bit obsessive in this situation.

Speaking of calendars here are some of the cutest free printable calendars floating around the interwebs. Click on the hyperlink under the pic to take you to the site to print.

Alice Cantrell

loving the color combo for October. War Eagle!


Nikki said...

I printed the switcheroom ones the other day for a little project (to be blogged soon). But now there are so many options, I might change my mind ;)

I'd sell the tickets. Of course I'm not a loyal sports fan what so ever so it's an easy choice for me. Hope your team wins!

Kat said...

Shoot...I had no idea there were free printable calendars out there. Just ordered mine from Etsy the other day. I just won't tell my husband!

Have fun at the game!

Ben and Emily said...

Cute calendars!

11k for football tickets? Recession...what recession?! ;)

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

Thank you so much for including my calendar in your list! Really appreciate it. :)

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