Monday, January 31, 2011


So Saturday it was beautiful around here, the temp got up to almost 70! We actually went to the grocery store which I hadn't done in about 2 weeks. I'm not sure how many meals you can make out off eggs but we had scrambled eggs, french toast and eggs with sausage 3 times last week for supper. Can you tell eggs were the only thing in the house?

We also went to Home Depot to pick up paint samples for our interior doors. I chose Glidden Dark Olive and Martha Stewart Feather Duster from the 12 I started with.

The top half of the door is Feather Duster and the bottom half is the Dark Ivy.

It is pretty much impossible to tell anything with my mad photog skills but I think I am leaning more towards the Dark Ivy on the bottom. It is a little darker and has less green and it just really pretty and my door knobs look perfect against the color. I am still not use to the door being painted dark and when I walk by and glance over I get irritated thinking Eric left the door open. oops!

Now looking for the motivation to paint 11 more doors!

PS I made Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man Sandwich Saturday night and it was good to the max. But goo at the butter!

PSS Am I the only one excited to buy Pioneer Woman's new book tomorrow?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Project

I don't really have anything to post and I don't want to post just to post but I saw this fun little project on Ana-White aka Knock Off Wood and it was too cute not to share.

Remember when I was complaining about my front load washer, well I have another complaint I don't have anywhere to put my laundry basket since the door has to stay open all the time the basket is always in the way. I have my washer/dryer stacked but this is a cool idea for those of you that don't have to have yours stacked. Show & Tell has the cutest laundry room and came up with this great solution for storing laundry baskets.

photo via show & tell

How cool is this little storage solution? My laundry basket is always in the way. Get Ana's plan for the pedestal here and go make it Saturday and report back. ok.

Monday, January 24, 2011

AU Weekend

This past weekend my parents and nephew came down for the Auburn National Championship Celebration!

It was packed with around 78,000 people in attendance- for a celebration not a game! It was crazy.

Elizabeth this picture is for you. Cam + Aubie = awesome!

A lot of people spoke, the Governor, AD, AU President blah blah blah then the trophies were presented and several of the players spoke as well.

"This is the last time I'll be on this field as an Auburn football player, and I think there is one last thing for me to say how I really feel: I believe in Auburn and I love it. War Eagle!" Cam

Did a little Heisman pose

After the celebration we were in line for Tiger Walk when the person beside us said look at that man up there, I would be so scared. See that little door beside the flag pole?

I looked up and it was Eric raising the new National Championship flag.

After the celebration had a reverse Tiger Walk was held. The players walked from the locker room to the athletic complex. Brooks loved it and was able to be on the front row!

Lucky boy he got a slap from Cam!!! My mom did too. I was taking the picture so I didn't get one but I am so happy to have captured Brooks "with" Cam.

That night for supper we had "Cam"burgers and "Fairley" fries and Cammy Cam Juice to drink. Yep that is a poster of Cam in my dining room, he joined us in spirit.

We promised Brooks a trip to Toomers to roll the trees. We waited until the crowed died down that night.

He loved getting to roll a tree and not get in trouble. He also loved to throw wads of toilet paper and I just so happened to be taking his picture when he threw this one at me.

Brooks loves to kick the football and he had been practicing for this trip so we had to go by the stadium Sunday to let him kick a field goal. He made it on his first try. And my mom and dad made field goals too!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Has this been the longest week for you, yeah me too.
If you live in Auburn go to Taylor's Bakery today. They are having their cupcake explosion and all cupcakes are $1. I meant to buy one but came out with 6 and had to eat one in the car because those little Reese Pieces kept looking at me.

If you don't live in Auburn, I'm sorry because you should. But you can come here tomorrow for our National Championship Celebration! It will be fun, promise!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doilies, Washing Machines and Paint

Last year I saw a tutorial on Under the Sycamore on a doily table runner. I started to buy doilies whenever I saw them at the thrift store. Which was twice. So I don't have very many doilies. I think I have about 15 but they are all smallish. Half of them were blue and I tried to bleach them in my washer last weekend and it didn't work at all. So they soaked in a sink bleach bath overnight and that did the trick.

Today I found these big mammas and I will be bleaching them. Hopefully I can finish this project soon, I want it to be a "snowflake" table runner and I've already got spring on my mind. If you have any doilies you want to give to the cause send them my way.

If you have a front loader washing machine are you successful when bleaching things in it? I bleach our white towels, shirts, and socks but never feel like they come out any whiter. And now after bleaching the blue doilies and them not changing at all I am pretty sure I am wasting my time. There isn't a bleach or soak cycle on my machine so I don't know how to change it up. It is annoying but bleaching did get my machine clean and the musty smell gone. ick

And one more thing if you have a front loader how often do you clean it? I cleaned out the seal drain holes Saturday and it was nasty but only the 2nd time I had done it during their 18 month life. I used several qtips to get in the little holes which helped a lot. I don't understand why I have to clean my machine, it is suppose to work for me. We don't shut the door unless there is a load going EVER or the moisture has no where to dry out and it starts to stank.

I am getting ready to paint my interior doors. I started with about 10 paint cards and now have 4 left. Do you wonder why our door has that little wood panel? me too.

A favorite?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Toomer's Celebration

Besides Tiger Walk another tradition Auburn has is rolling Toomer's Corner after a win. The city even has a line item in their budget for toilet paper clean up.
During the celebration after the game they put a picture of Toomer's up on the big screen. Everyone went crazy and was wishing they were in Auburn at Toomer's. My sister and BIL stayed at our house Monday night so they could go roll Toomer's. She said it was so crazy and there are estimates of 30,000 people being there.

The win didn't feel real until we rolled back into Auburn Tuesday on a bus with big National Champion logos on it. A lot of the billboards already had National Champion messages, it was fun to see. We drove up and saw that my sister had rolled our house, sort of. It is staying at least until the celebration on the 22nd.

It was about 35 degrees and super windy but we grabbed Claire and went to roll that tree.

I found this picture online. It was the next day after all the crazy wind there was still this much toilet paper! It was as beautiful as a rolled tree can be.

There was even a story on the news about the shortage of toilet paper in town. I drove by last night and it still looked like the day after.

Like I mentioned our hotel was the same hotel the players stayed at.
Eric's parents gave me a new zoom lens for my camera for Christmas. I love it so much! I was outside our room practicing so I would know how it works before the game when Cam just happened to be walking across the balcony on the other side of the courtyard. He saw me (how embarrassing) and smiled. I didn't get the smile, just the after smile. haha.

I had to get some other pictures for my "nephews"

Travis Williams he is now a grad assistant for the team but played at AU when I was in school. He is also a rapper "T-Will" and his song Tiger Walk was played before the games.

T'Sharvan Bell should be nominated for Best Smile 2011.

Byron Isom is a huge person. His heart was beating so loud.

The game had its shared of notables in attendance.

Robert Gibbs the White House Press Secretary is from Auburn. He kept staring at me, I guess he liked my shirt. haha

I think that Charles Barkley is following me.

Yes! Carlos Rogers still one of my fav AU players.

Oh snap! The original #23 Ronnie Brown on the left. He said he liked my shirt! I told him he was the original #23 for me. haha.
And Cadillac Williams. He bought me a smoothie in the Haley Center in college. I was so excited to see them as they were the team when I was in college and the 2004 team that got screwed out of the National Championship game. Jason Campbell and Karlos Dansby from my college days were also there.

These next two notables are a little hard for me to talk about.
DeMarcus Ware is my favorite NFL player. My Texas inlaws gave me his jersey for Christmas and I had my picture taken by his locker last November. Well we saw a very attractive man at the concession stand and he was talking to another huge dude that had to have been a pro player and we were like who is he. Then attractive man went and talked to Robert Gibbs who was sitting behind us and as he was leaving we were walking down the steps to our seats. RG and his friend were going crazy over meeting him and I was going crazy trying to figure out who he was because I knew who he was but couldn't place it. He was also the most attractive human I have ever seen. Besides Eric of course but even Eric agreed. Well when we got back into Auburn it hit was DeMarcus Ware! :(

I guess I didn't recognize him because I never see him out of uniform or with his helmet off. He is from Auburn and his mom is my friends next door neighbor so maybe he will be visiting next time we have supper club at MK's house...

This one is also awesome. We are huge Modern Family fans and my favorite character is Phil Dunphy aka Ty Burrell. He was there too!

Wow I fit all that into 3 days worth of posts! Next week back to non Auburn postings for all you non Auburn Fans.

But first I have to say

Dear Cam, I will miss you next season. Even though we knew this was coming it is still sad. Every Auburn girl will miss your kisses after the game and every fan will miss you running in the stands. I don't blame you for going into the NFL draft and I hope you make tons of money and buy a house in Auburn and let me be your interior designer. I've already been thinking of what your house should look like. I also hope you get a ton of endorsement deals so we can see your pretty mug all the time. And please go to the Cowboys!! You look too good in blue to give it up.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Game Day

So it was finally Monday, Game Day. I was ready since I had only been sleeping about 4 hours a night I was glad for Monday to get here. We of course went out before sunrise and had breakfast in the hotel lobby by the fire place. Since it was so early we were pretty much the only ones stirring around.

Finally it was time to get ready. I of course was sporting my #23 shirt for my favorite player Onterio McCalebb. I made the shirt the week before. I just printed out jersey letters cut them out, ironed them on, and sewed around them. It looked a little incomplete so per Eric's suggestion I added the arm bands. Making it was a little annoying since sequins can't be ironed over. But it was worth it because both Onterio and the #23 Ronnie Brown from my college years said they liked my shirt!!!

Eric's brother got to come to the game. Along with our friends Brian and Andy

Sweet! The most coveted ticket on the planet. EVER

Eric & Kyle before going into the stadium, which took forever!

Auburn has a home game tradition called Tiger Walk where the players walk from the athletic complex to the stadium. Thousands of fans line the street to catch a glimpse of the players. They didn't have a tiger walk at this game but fans lined up to welcome the player buses. I am sure there were about 5o,000 fans lined up.

I was one of them!

As the buses went down to let the players off under the stadium all the fans were cheering "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger". That was one of the best parts of the day!

For Christmas my inlaws gave me a new zoom lens. I had such a great time with it during the game. Some of seniors one last time.

Cam was pointing at me to come out of the stands.

Onterio must have seen the sequins on my shirt.

So if you watched the game you know it came down to the last second. We won it with a kick by Wes Byrum. Can you imagine last kick of your college career being the one that won the National Championship?!

Bo knows National Champs

Defensive Player of the game Nick Fairley, who was very nice to us at the hotel.

Offensive player was Michael Dyer

T'Sharvan Bell is another one of my favorite players. He is so animated and I think if he ever decides not to play football he should try out to be Aubie.

And of course we can't leave out Cam. The party just wasn't the same without him running around and blowing kisses.

Did you see us on tv? Our phones didn't have service inside but as soon as we walked outside I received a ton of texts from people that saw us. We still haven't watched the game but plan on buying a copy this weekend.


After the game we got back to the hotel and stayed in the lobby. When the players got back they did a little tiger walk inside and it just happened to be where we were standing.

Game winner Wes Byrum

Eric giving Nick Fairley a high 5

And this could quiet possibly be the best and worst picture of me ever. Best because Onterio was the last to walk through and he saw me and my shirt and stopped and gave me a hug and told me loved the shirt. I'm not a hugger but I think I hugged him back and by the looks of this picture I think I thought we were bff. Worst because I was leaning backwards so Eric could fit us both in the shot and it made all 3 of my chins come out. But even though I look bad and the picture is blurry it captured the moment and excitement.

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