Thursday, December 2, 2010


Every year I say I'm not making the wreaths for our house and guess what I did last night.

I only do the front door wreath all live and for the windows I use a fake wreath but add the magnolia and holly to save time.

Gathering my greenery was a little harder this year. I get all of my magnolia and holly from our neighbors house (with the landlord's permission), but this year the house is occupied. So Tuesday under the veil of the night sky and lets not forget rain I snuck across the street and clipped a few limbs of magnolia. Even though it is the 2nd day of December I felt behind on the decorating dept.

We put up our real tree this year, unlike last year when we only had our smores tree out. I was not so much in the spirit, but this year I'm all in. I love the pine smell and the big bulb lights we use. I've been trying to hold off on my nightly hot chocolates but I don't know how much longer I can hold out. Do calories count at Christmas? Hmm not sure but I bet they count after Christmas when I can't fit into my clothes. Tree lights and hot chocolate are made for each other.


Rachel said...

I'm so excited you posted this! I have an artificial wreath that I wanted to add some fresh magnolia to, but I wasn't sure how to place it.

I'm all up in the Christmas spirit, too. Last night I was drinking hot chocolate, watching Polar Express, and decorating my first real tree. Love this time of year. :o)

Nikki said...

It looks beautiful! I wish you lived closer so you could make me one ;)

I'm considering doing the yarn one this year. Although my neighbor did buy me a very sparkly one last year.

Natalie said...

haha i just did a post on real vs fake greenery.

i envy your real wreath.

Red Gate Farm said...

Your wreath looks fantastic! I like the idea of combining real and fake :)

I've been told that calories do NOT count in December, so enjoy that hot chocolate.


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