Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas To You and You and You

It seems like we just put our decorations up and now it is almost time to take them down. Everything pretty much looks the same as it did last year but we actually have a tree this year unlike last year when we skimped out.

our smores tree

This year I think we had our smallest tree ever. We always get a real tree they are the best, messy yes but I can deal with it. We also use the old school big bulb lights, can you tell where Eric gave up and threw the lights in

Since our "first" Christmas in 2003 we have been collecting ornaments and ornaments are our souvenirs from trips. When I lived at home we got a new ornament every year to represent that year. Eric and I have done the same. We usually pick one out for each other but this year we decided to get a joint ornament. We chose this Aubie driving to the National Championship game. After the game we plan on writing the score, hopefully AU will be the highest number. I couldn't resist and had to place him on the tree next to our Arizona ornament we picked up on our trip in 2008.

My favorite ornament on my parents' tree is my doll house. One year Eric bought me this doll house ornament that looks very similar.

This nativity ornament is my favorite favorite favorite.

I ordered our Christmas Cards through Shutterfly this year with their blogger 50 free cards promotion. I love the way they turned out!! Eric thought the ink was faded but I did that on purpose since I used several different color photos.

When we first got married I would have never thought I would have enough friends to even send out 50 Christmas cards to, everyone moved off after graduation and we were starting over in the friend department. I love getting cards and love to display them. I still have our cards from 2009 out and plan on leaving this years displayed for a while. Our house seems happier!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Eric and I have had a very blessed and fun 2010. Can't wait to see what is in store for 2011!!


Kat said...

Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

LOVE the nativity ornament!! I want it!

Ben and Emily said...

Love those s'more lights! Too cute!

Your tree is great! Your special ornaments are beautiful too! I think your husband gets extra points for the doll house ornament! so sweet!

Hope y'all have the best Christmas!

(Never thought I'd say this...but Go Auburn!)

Nikki said...

Merry Christmas! Your card turned out great, I love the muted tones. Makes it all match. Boys just don't get it sometimes ;)

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