Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Birdies

Saturday we made a trip up north for a family Christmas. But first we made a stop on the other side of the mountain at my friend Elizabeth's house to see her little Christmas baby.

Just like her name, Evie is so pretty and tiny and sweet. She has the most beautiful shiny hair and tiny little face.
Eric had never met Amos and after giving him a good look down for 20 minutes he decided he didn't care for Eric.

But he still loved his V. We asked if we could take him home with us but his mama said no.

Sweet lucky babies those two are!

Since it is a first Christmas for both of them I wanted to get them a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament. I couldn't find anything that didn't look generic so I made these 2 little birdies. Which Amos was terrified of.

My sewing machine was starting to get sick so they are a little sloppy but it just adds to the "charm"! right?


Rachel said...

I think they are great!! Cute look like a natural with them. :o)

Nikki said...

They are so sweet. She does have very shiny hair! The secret must be amniotic fluid ;)

Great job on the ornaments. I bet they loved them.

Ben and Emily said...

Sweet babies!

Love the ornaments too! You did such a nice job and they'll be treasured for years I'm sure!

Red Gate Farm said...

Love the handmade ornaments. What a fantastic gift for your friends.

Happy holidays,

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