Friday, December 10, 2010

happy friday!

Good news my camera battery charger came in yesterday and now my camera is ready to go! But I do have one more bad photo to share.

I saw these really cute bottles of hand soap at Target the other day. Located in the hand soap aisle. The label is so adorable and they smell great. I don't remember the scent but I loved the grey and teal one on the left. $3 is a pretty good price for something that looks and smells good.

So here's hoping everyone has a great weekend. I have Christmas supper club tonight then tomorrow I will be watching my boyfriend accept the Heisman and we may try to make it out to the Victorian Front Porch Christmas I think it is suppose to warm up here but just for a day then it is back in the 30's as a high? Seriously I can't take it. Maybe while I am hibernating under 4 blankets I will come up with a few blog worthy topics. Can you tell I am in a blog rut?


One more thing I know I wasn't suppose to mention A*****n until the BCS Championship game in January but I have a good story to share. Plus I didn't know if I should mention it because I don't want people to write me saying that there are a lot more worthy causes to donate to than this. I know there are, and we have given to them and will be doing our Angel Tree this weekend.

Pretty much everyone who lives in Auburn or went to school at Auburn or watches Auburn games knows Mr Penny. He works at one of the elementary schools as a custodian and crossing guard and on the mornings I am not running late to work I always see him out at the crosswalk, always smiling and waving. He works a second job so he can buy football season tickets and is at every game doing push ups for each touchdown. He even has an orange and blue truck with Auburn logos covering it. Everyone knows Mr Penny!

Tuesday a facebook group was started to send Mr Penny to Glendale to watch the championship game in person. Members have said if they can't go to the game they might as well fulfill someone else's life long wish. There are enough memebers that if everyone gave only $10 he would have plenty to go. A fun way to see your small amount of money grow.

I'm not asking for donations but wanted to share this fun story to all the folks out there that have moved away but still remember Mr Penny. But if you want to help send him to the game there is a bank account & PayPal account set up for donations. Info on the fb page. He also made the paper today and news yesterday.

To learn Mr Penny's story check out this article. I may have cried a little bit, especially when it mentioned Cadillac Williams invited him to his baptism.

I've always heard "the Auburn Family" and have been like ok people it is just football and a school but after everything that has gone on this season and now this story I believe in the Auburn family. And if you aren't part of the "family" now you know the story behind the man they show on January 10th doing push ups at the game!


Nikki said...

I love those target soaps! I'm definitely going to look for them as stocking stuffers.

Sounds like you have a crazy weekend! Enjoy!

Kat said...

Those ARE some cute bottles of soap! Fun.

Red Gate Farm said...

Cute, cute soaps. I'm going to have to head over to Target!

Love the story about Mr. Penny!


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