Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow we are headed to A-town to watch Auburn play for the SEC Championship. And hopefully we will be rolling Toomer's Corner after we get home Saturday night.

I'm not sure if I am more excited about the going to IKEA, the game or wearing my new shirt.

I've been seeing them on everyone and finally tracked one down Sunday, and I live in the town with 6 Auburn merchandise stores. My favorite player is Onterio McCalebb, but they didn't have any 23's. I will wear Cam's number any day!


Rachel said...

Good luck! Have fun at Ikea!

Kat said...

Go Auburn! Funny you should mention Ikea--I was there yesterday and reported all about it today. HA! Have a fun weekend:)

Nikki said...

I'm going to Ikea this weekend too! And we have a major football game..that I probably won't watch, just check the score.

Have a lovely weekend!

NC Granny said...

What a delightful young lady you are - so full of life and creativity! I have stayed up waaaaay too late browsing your posts after stumbling upon your blog while researching butcher block countertops.

I'm not so adventurously DIY as you, nor as young (63), so my bb project is stumbling along very slowly--plus it seems I've done everything sort of bass-ackwards. I'm a little panicked at this point: House is topsy-turvy w displaced furniture & kitchen items; one countertop still on sawhorses in the living room. Major social events are consuming weekend time needed to finish project. I've already gone 1 week w/o a kitchen sink (1st one was damaged, had to special-order another) ditto for one of the countertops. Today we'll begin to re-do the surface w Waterlox after discovering mineral oil (bad advice fr friend) was poor choice. Now I'm wondering re VOC's and drying time, how to ventilate house in current cold snap, etc. Need to get enough of the smell out of house and at least 1 room usable so I can resume grand-toddler's daycare.

Well now, I DID run on, didn't I? Sorry! BTW, I loved your pic of Claire after her chipmunk-in-the-tarpaper escapade. Doggie dogs - aren't they something!
God bless... Have fun this weekend!

The Williamson Family said...

I really wish you could have found a 23. I'm sure you could have added a 3 being as crafty as you are!

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