Monday, December 20, 2010

Bathroom Floors

Thanks for sticking around this past week,hopefully you learned something!
Lets finish up the bathroom with the floors, this is taking as long as the renovation.

Before the floors were just a basic 12x12 tile. The tiles were cracked and coming off of the floor.

Boring and doesn't match my 1950 house.

I am really into vintage bathrooms right now and with our house being built in 1950 I knew just what I wanted, penny round tiles. They are so cute!

Since we had about 14 other projects going on and Eric had just shown me the bill for the new landscape plants and irrigation, I wasn't willing to pony up the money for the penny rounds. They would have been adorable and since I didn't have much area to cover I should have gone for it but at the time I wasn't budging.

And neither was our tile rep, he wouldn't come off his price on the penny rounds or the octagon and dot. I went Home Depot and bought these octagon and dot tiles. HD was cheaper than my wholesale price for the exact same product. I think these were only $2 a foot.

After we demoed the old tile, backerboard, and felt paper we cleaned the floor then waterproofed. Once that was dry we layed a backerboard and taped and mudded the joints just like on the shower walls. We went ahead and did this several weeks before we layed the tile because the floor was too ugly to look at and it made the mess seem a little cleaner.

Laying the tile wasn't too bad. The bathroom is just a rectangle room so not much to it. The bathtub does have a jut out so that was a little tricky. They do sell things at Lowes that will help you get that perfect cut around areas like that.

The bad thing about the tiles was when you cut them, they would chip. Eric cut the first sheet and they start to chip, I knew by the look on his face it was going to be a fun day. After turning the sheet wrong side up the tiles would chip on the bottom, not the top. Also you can use masking tape on the cut to prevent chipping.

The good thing about the tiles is that they are on a mesh sheet so you can just pop the ones off you don't need and if you need a special cut just pop that one off and cut it, like Eric is doing here. But watch those fingers.

We layed the tile, being careful not to get a ton of thinset coming up between the tiles. It is pretty much impossible to prevent, but have your toothpicks and paper towels handy. Also a good tip is use the thinset closest in color to your grout so when the thinset does come up between the tiles, at least it will blend with the grout. Since we were using dark grout, I used grey thinset.

I am the tile layer and grouter of the house. This is how I celebrated my 27th birthday, hence the gardenia in my ponytail. This floor was much more enjoyable to grout than the shower walls. I just buffed the haze off the tiles with the scrubby side of a sponge and we were good to go after a cleaning. And just like the shower walls since the grout joints are so tiny make sure to use UNsanded grout.

And here she is all finished

With this being the floor I am really glad that I went with the dark grout. We had initially thought this bathroom would be used very little, but now Eric has taken over so I can only imagine the white grout after Eric walks in with his work boots. eek! The white tiles show EVERYTHING but I guess that is the price for beauty and I enjoy cleaning.

Does anyone remember Haskell Harris' house, she had white octagon and dot tiles in her
kitchen. Beautiful but I would have given up by now if my kitchen had all white tiles!


Rachel said...

Love the dark grout!! It looks great!

Kat said...

The dark grout really does make it. It looks great!

Nikki said...

I like the floors you chose, but the penny tiles hold a special place in my heart too!

I love that you have a flower in your hair while you grout. There are no breaks in fashion!

Pine Tree Home said...

Very pretty. Can you come over and do mine?

Tracy said...

I love the look you have going on. The floor is my favorite.

Kat said...

Okay I keep looking at your b-room floor and I'm pretty sure that's what we're going to go with in our new b-room. I love how yours turned out! So thanks for the inspiration:)

theresa said...

What brand are those penny tiles? Are they iridescent or just white?

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

Love your bathroom - it's beautiful! Where did you find the chevron shower curtain? So cool!

Rhapsody in August said...

Agree -- the dark grout really makes the tile stand out!

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

Hi there! Just found this blog post via PInterest. I was searching for dark grout with white tile. I love your bathroom! This is the exact tile I'm using in my bathroom and I really want a dark grout to help hide dirt.

I'm wondering -- do you remember what color of grout you used? It's so hard to figure out what they look like from the little pamphlet! I like yours, so if you remember and are willing to share it would be SOoooo helpful!



Anonymous said...

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