Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I read on a friend's blog last week that Shutterfly is giving away free Christmas Cards to bloggers. Sweet, I'll take 50 please.

They have some really cute photo cards that can either be printed on card stock or photo paper

I can't decide if I want to go with a single photo or multiple photos. We've had a great year and some fun vacations and I would love to share them on our card but not sure that everyone else cares about our year.

They are also offering gift tags

Love this one, it doesn't even look like a Christmas tag

Cute huh?
I usually go to shutterfly several times a week. I store EVERY photo I take on their site. I've learned my lesson it isn't if you computer is going to crash, but when. SAVE YOUR PHOTOS PEOPLE on something more than your computer!! What if you have a tornado or hurricane or flood or fire and all of your photos are living on sd cards, or cds, or hard drives, you will never get them back. If they are stored on the Internet, hopefully they will always be around. I have all of mine categorized so it is super easy to find what I need.

I've never ordered their Christmas Cards but I did order my thank you notes for my wedding from shutterfly and they were beautiful! I also made all of my photo books from my engagement pics, bridal pics, and wedding pics.
I usually like to get all of my Christmas Card going ons by the first week in December. I did have something really cute in mind for this year's card but I don't think I will have time to work it all out. But there is always next year!
So do you send out photo cards? It does seem odd to send out photo cards with just me and Eric and Claire of course but I always enjoy getting cards from our childless friends.


The Gists said...

I have used shutterfly for Christmas cards before and loved them. We always put pictures of the dogs on our cards. I mean they are like kids right? I think our family gets a kick out of it

Rachel said...

AWESOME! Love them...and love a freebie!

Red Gate Farm said...

My favorite cards are the photo cards and I agree, it doesn't matter whether you have children or not! I have kept every photo/card that someone has sent me over the years, love to look back at them. I actually sent one of my HOUSE one year!

I figure if you're going to send cards, which some people think of as "wasteful", it should at least be a photograph of something you LOVE!


bethanypaige2 said...

its not weird to sent them out as childless people - we love getting your cards every year. AND we care about your year! so fill it up!

Nikki said...

I've never sent any out. I need to get on board!

Anonymous said...

You have tons of great pictures to use, so go ahead and use them! I vote for the one where it looks like Eric is holding the Biltmore!

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