Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More of Waco

While we were in Waco last weekend I had 2 goals.
#1 find some boots & #2 go to Honey's Home + Style.

We went to 2 different boot stores and I still came home empty handed. This picture only represents about 1/10th of the selection. There were too many choices and I just froze. Even out of the 500+ pairs we saw not one met all of my specifications. Not flat leather, not over 1 1/4" heel, brown leather not too dark but not cognac or tan, maybe no stitching on the top of the boot, not a million dollars. I wasn't about to spend the money if I wasn't totally happy. Plus these boots were just too much cowgirl for me. Maybe when we go back to Texas I can find the perfect pair of boots.

After we left the boot shops I had to drive down an adorable street we had passed on the way. It is Crescent St if anyone is ever in the area. Pretty much my dream street, like Pinedale in Auburn but so much better.
My favorite house. The house above all houses for me. Perfect sold I'll move to dusty Texas tomorrow.

Excuse the pictures, I was trying to drive at the same time. I loved this little house but do you think the little circle window is odd? I am guessing the tiny rectangle window at the top is in the attic so where is the circle window located?

This is really hard to see but do you love the aqua door, I do.

This house was on Austin Ave. Beautiful trees on that street. This house had a swing in the front yard, the other tree had a baby swing. Lucky baby!

So onto my main destination...

They had repurposed many pieces of furniture. Many pieces had been salvaged and they used zinc for a lot of the table tops. Love them!

The prices weren't bad for such a great store.

I couldn't leave empty handed so I bought this Cavallini sheet of wrap. It was only $3.50 for a 20x28 sheet. I am planning on using it in my kitchen. We also bought a London one for Eric's brother and sister in law since they are honeymooning in London!

Honey's Home + Style also had many John Derian pieces. I would have loved to bought some of the little glass trays, but didn't really need to. Instead I bought this post card.

Since we always buy a Christmas ornament from each place we visit, we bought a mercury glass heart. It fit in perfect with our wedding themed weekend! Surprisingly I got out of that place for under $20.

I loved everything about this store. It was worth the 12 hour drive to get to it. I left so excited and inspired. Elizabeth W. I just wish you were with me to share in the excitement. Eric wasn't as enthused.


The Cosby's said...

You know my aunt and uncle live in Waco. Remember my cousin Brooke? Well she grew up there but lives in Dallas now. I will have to drive these streets when we visit them, very pretty.

Rachel said...

LOVE that first house! It's beautiful!

Nikki said...

Cute houses! I'd take any of them, I love shutters.

Sounds like a great trip!

Red Gate Farm said...

How fun. The houses are very lovely... I'd pick any of them but I think I like the one with the round window the bestest. Amazing to see that many boots... I've never been to Texas. And love the wrapping paper, it would be very cute in a kitchen! What a great store!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving,

Kat said...

Good luck with the boot hunt. And that first house is my fave. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jo said...


Alison said...

How fun! I just started reading your blog (love your style and one of my bffs used to be Aubie), and I LIVE IN WACO! So exciting. Next time you come I'd love to give you more Waco places to shop!:) Love your blog.

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