Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week...

we left on Wednesday and started our 12 hour drive to Texas for Eric's brother's wedding. But first we made a stop. Any guesses where we went?!

Cowboy Stadium!! We had planed to go to Sunday's game but since they haven't been doing too hot this year we decided to save some $ and just do a tour. And of course they won yesterday, dang it.

But Cowboy Stadium was cool enough. And HUGE!

The jumbotron was so big it was hard to see. It goes from one 10 yard line to the other 10 yard line.

I had to get my picture made by DeMarcus Ware's locker, my fav player #94. He is from Auburn and his mom is my friend's neighbor. Little useless knowledge for ya.

The locker room was pretty bare. Auburn's is nicer in my opinion and has a lot more interest. So I was a little disappointed. It smelt like a locker room, not sure what I was expecting, I guess I thought NFL players smelt like money.

Eric got his picture made with his favorite players....

The field is artificial and we couldn't go a yard without Eric ispecting the seams. It did look bad and unsafe but I guess he is always working.

Like I said always working. I am thinking these people were about ready to punch him. Eric stood over the grass guys asking them questions watching them work. It was pretty funny. I thought he was going to get the shovel and show them how to fix the seams.

After the tour in Dallas we drove to Waco for the wedding, first time I've ever been to Waco. Texas is so different from Alabama. I need my green trees and green grass that I rarely see in Texas. Texas is so brown. I was glad to wake up this morning to see green outside my windows.

Eric was a groomsman and I was nothing. So I spent a lot of time relaxing by myself which I rather enjoyed. It actually felt like a vacation since everyone else was doing wedding things Eric and I were on our own a lot.

Chloe Beth, Eric's niece, was the flower girl and she got to wear her little cowgirl boots. Of course Goo Goo her doll made the trip and was at the wedding sitting beside us.

The reception was at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. All of the exhibits were open so if you didn't like wedding stuff you could walk around and look at sports stuff.

I had some good Texas hair going at the beginning of the night but by the time we got to the church it had fallen to Alabama hair.

It was a fun and fast weekend. On the way home yesterday right before we crossed the Mississippi River in Louisiana we saw an alligator walking through a field!! Everytime we drive over the Mississippi River I say I am going to swim across but after that, I don't think I will ever try.


Nikki said...

How do you guys always get on the field??

Cute dress! I love weddings. What a sweet little flower girl.

Rachel said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Love your dress. :o)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Your dress looks great. Doesn't even look the same color as in person. CB is adorable. I love the pic of her, Eric, and Goo Goo Gah Gah or "Lady Gah Gah" as Poppy calls her!

Red Gate Farm said...

Fun, fun post. I wouldn't be swimming around alligators either.


Ben and Emily said...

That tour sounds awesome! I hope those guys got the turf to your husband's liking! :)

Your outfits are adorable!

Heidi said...

Would you mind telling me what color your walls are in your house? I love the gray/green and I would like to do the same in my house. Thanks!

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