Wednesday, November 3, 2010

how to hang an odd shaped plate

Over the weekend I picked up this John Derian platter from Target on major clearance. Man I wish I had a few more of his plates but never saw them in our Target.

If you have ever been to my house I am sure you have picked up that I like to hang plates on the wall. I have probably too many in my dining room but it is my thing right now.

Since it was an odd size I wasn't able to use a plate hanger. So I came up with something better by twisting a paper clip and hot gluing it to the back of the tray.

Instant hanger for about 3 cents. And since I majorly gooped up the hot glue it will peel off easily if I ever decide its destiny isn't to hang on the wall.
I hung the tray on the side of our pantry. I am liking it for now but may move it to another area in the kitchen since I don't really ever look up to that spot.

I wish I had known about hanging plates and odd shaped platters using hot glue and paper clips before I hung 13 white plates in my dining room. I used hangers for these and would prefer a cleaner look.
I may go back and change them one day. But I am afraid to touch that wall. Since our walls are concrete blocks and concrete plaster we try to avoid nail holes. Somehow they are still up there with command strips and I don't want to jinx it.

I had planned on using the disk plate hangers but first tested them out on my pewter plates and they didn't do too well. In just a few days all of the plates had fallen off the wall. I knew for sure I didn't want to risk that with my white plates.

I still kept the disk holders because I didn't have a different solution. After some crazy strong glue and of course duct tape ( I do live in Alabama ) they have been hanging strong.


Ben and Emily said...

Great idea! Never would have thought about paper clips though!

Marie said...

thanks for visiting my blog. :o) i LOVE that target plate! it's fantastic! how did i never see this in all my trips to target? lol great idea on how to hang an odd shaped plate too...why this never occured to me, i don't know!

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