Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Bed Makeover

Since Auburn's home football schedule has ended so has the busy guest season at our house. Every weekend we had company so our guest room has gotten a lot of use. We have always just had a bed frame in the guest room but about a year ago I inherited this bed.

The finish was a little too orange for me and was in bad shape so something had to be done. I had originally planned on liming the bed but the more I researched it sounded like I needed a more grainy wood like oak to get the full effect.
I wasn't wanting to paint the bed, I wasn't wanting to stain it and I wasn't wanting to put any money in refinishing it.

So getting inspiration from this
treatment I found 1/2 a can of Jacobean stain in the shed. Since it was oil based, I needed oil paint to mix with it. Our interior trim is painted with oil paint and we had about 1 inch left in the can.

I dumped the stain and most of the paint into a bowl and added about a cup of water. Mixed it together and applied it on the backside of the headboard to test the color. It was little too stainy so I added some more paint and water. Perfect.

I applied the mixture with a paint brush and wiped it in. I did 2 coats.

After it had sort of dried I took a dry brush and dry brushed a tiny bit of white onto the bed to give it a little more dimension. As you can see it was dark by now so I was hoping I hadn't messed it up.

In the morning when the sun came up I was pretty pleased with the result!

Of course since it is an older be the mattress is taller than the foot board, and the pillows cover up the headboard but that is fine.

One of my best thrift store finds is this green houndstooth fabric. It is a great upholstery weight with the houndstooth pattern woven, not printed. It looks darker in the photos but the green is a dark pear green, love it. And guess how much I paid for a bolt. $4!!!! Steal! The backside of the duvet is a vintage sheet with blue flowers to match the quilt. Super simple to make.
The quilt is from TJ Maxx 2009. The ticking sheets are from Target 2008.

This is just a simple room little room. The little desk I decided to keep serves as a vanity to guests.

This cabinet holds my fabric for Paisley Jane. The stained glass window was a gift from a high school friend and it fits perfectly in here. I don't have anywhere in my house to display photos so I put them all in here, which is funny because the people in the photos are the guests that come stay with us.

I keep my smaller pieces of fabric and most used sewing supplies in this cabinet. Organized chaos. I have 3 large tubs in the attic, I need to enroll in a 12 step program to be able to get rid of that fabric.

That is our guest room. Come and stay anytime!!

One more look

Pretty good for zero monies.


Marie said...

the headboard looks GREAT! i love your guestroom...so pretty and cozy. and even better you did it on a budget. :o)

Rachel said...

LOVE it! It turned out so great!!

Nikki said...

I'd say freakin amazing! Love that duvet and the bed turned out great. I'll be making a trip to come visit soon ;)


love it! the bed is awesome. And I love the cabinet with the fabric in it.

Liz said...

I love it! The bed looks awesome and I love how cozy your guest room is.

kathertzler said...

Great job! It looks awesome.

Red Gate Farm said...

Thanks for the instructions! LOVE how it turned out... the room looks fantastic too!


twofus said...

any chance you could tell me the color name/number of the gray on the wall? Thanks in advance. :)

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