Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AUsome weekend

Last weekend my sister and her family came down for a visit.
The reason:

Brooks was so excited. He kept telling me he knew we would win, and win big. He was so pumped I didn't tell him we were playing a dinky team. But we did win big and he cheered for every touchdown, all 8 of them, like Auburn had never scored before. It was so fun to see his excitement!

Brooks had to get to his seats early and didn't get up one time during the game. He didn't want to miss anything and we stayed until the end of the game. That is a first for me I've never made it through a whole Homecoming game.

Baron was a little overwhelmed during the game but after the game he got excited.

I didn't realize I had my camera on manual, so I am glad some pictures actually turned out. This one is very overexposed so you can't see the field in the background but I am glad that the B's had the chance to experience an Auburn game during such an exciting season.

After the game we waited around to see the football players. Of course Cam was whisked away but we had fun seeing other players.

#3 DeAngelo Benton

#22 T'Sharvan Bell
Baron wasn't in the mood for pictures, but Brooks of course is always camera ready!

After the game we came home and watched Alabama lose. We cooked up lots of shrimp and sausage, corn and potatoes. Pretty much a low country boil without the boil, I guess a low country grill.

Then on Sunday Brooks had to test out his kicking skills which quickly turned into a contest between brother in laws to see who could kick the best field goal.

My sister took her dog and she went crazy it was so funny.

There is still football to be played and anything can happen but I am pretty sure I have plans on December 4th in Atlanta!


Nikki said...

What a fun weekend! That's awesome the boys got to meet the players and hit the field. I bet they loved it!

Red Gate Farm said...

I'm sure they loved meeting the players and going out on that HUGE field! Looks like it was a great weekend.

kathertzler said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. Hey just wanted to tell you that I can hook you up with PB lights if you're interested. Check out my post today. It's all about my finds last night at the outlet. Just let me know what to look for and I'll hook ya up, girl!

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