Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More of Waco

While we were in Waco last weekend I had 2 goals.
#1 find some boots & #2 go to Honey's Home + Style.

We went to 2 different boot stores and I still came home empty handed. This picture only represents about 1/10th of the selection. There were too many choices and I just froze. Even out of the 500+ pairs we saw not one met all of my specifications. Not flat leather, not over 1 1/4" heel, brown leather not too dark but not cognac or tan, maybe no stitching on the top of the boot, not a million dollars. I wasn't about to spend the money if I wasn't totally happy. Plus these boots were just too much cowgirl for me. Maybe when we go back to Texas I can find the perfect pair of boots.

After we left the boot shops I had to drive down an adorable street we had passed on the way. It is Crescent St if anyone is ever in the area. Pretty much my dream street, like Pinedale in Auburn but so much better.
My favorite house. The house above all houses for me. Perfect sold I'll move to dusty Texas tomorrow.

Excuse the pictures, I was trying to drive at the same time. I loved this little house but do you think the little circle window is odd? I am guessing the tiny rectangle window at the top is in the attic so where is the circle window located?

This is really hard to see but do you love the aqua door, I do.

This house was on Austin Ave. Beautiful trees on that street. This house had a swing in the front yard, the other tree had a baby swing. Lucky baby!

So onto my main destination...

They had repurposed many pieces of furniture. Many pieces had been salvaged and they used zinc for a lot of the table tops. Love them!

The prices weren't bad for such a great store.

I couldn't leave empty handed so I bought this Cavallini sheet of wrap. It was only $3.50 for a 20x28 sheet. I am planning on using it in my kitchen. We also bought a London one for Eric's brother and sister in law since they are honeymooning in London!

Honey's Home + Style also had many John Derian pieces. I would have loved to bought some of the little glass trays, but didn't really need to. Instead I bought this post card.

Since we always buy a Christmas ornament from each place we visit, we bought a mercury glass heart. It fit in perfect with our wedding themed weekend! Surprisingly I got out of that place for under $20.

I loved everything about this store. It was worth the 12 hour drive to get to it. I left so excited and inspired. Elizabeth W. I just wish you were with me to share in the excitement. Eric wasn't as enthused.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week...

we left on Wednesday and started our 12 hour drive to Texas for Eric's brother's wedding. But first we made a stop. Any guesses where we went?!

Cowboy Stadium!! We had planed to go to Sunday's game but since they haven't been doing too hot this year we decided to save some $ and just do a tour. And of course they won yesterday, dang it.

But Cowboy Stadium was cool enough. And HUGE!

The jumbotron was so big it was hard to see. It goes from one 10 yard line to the other 10 yard line.

I had to get my picture made by DeMarcus Ware's locker, my fav player #94. He is from Auburn and his mom is my friend's neighbor. Little useless knowledge for ya.

The locker room was pretty bare. Auburn's is nicer in my opinion and has a lot more interest. So I was a little disappointed. It smelt like a locker room, not sure what I was expecting, I guess I thought NFL players smelt like money.

Eric got his picture made with his favorite players....

The field is artificial and we couldn't go a yard without Eric ispecting the seams. It did look bad and unsafe but I guess he is always working.

Like I said always working. I am thinking these people were about ready to punch him. Eric stood over the grass guys asking them questions watching them work. It was pretty funny. I thought he was going to get the shovel and show them how to fix the seams.

After the tour in Dallas we drove to Waco for the wedding, first time I've ever been to Waco. Texas is so different from Alabama. I need my green trees and green grass that I rarely see in Texas. Texas is so brown. I was glad to wake up this morning to see green outside my windows.

Eric was a groomsman and I was nothing. So I spent a lot of time relaxing by myself which I rather enjoyed. It actually felt like a vacation since everyone else was doing wedding things Eric and I were on our own a lot.

Chloe Beth, Eric's niece, was the flower girl and she got to wear her little cowgirl boots. Of course Goo Goo her doll made the trip and was at the wedding sitting beside us.

The reception was at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. All of the exhibits were open so if you didn't like wedding stuff you could walk around and look at sports stuff.

I had some good Texas hair going at the beginning of the night but by the time we got to the church it had fallen to Alabama hair.

It was a fun and fast weekend. On the way home yesterday right before we crossed the Mississippi River in Louisiana we saw an alligator walking through a field!! Everytime we drive over the Mississippi River I say I am going to swim across but after that, I don't think I will ever try.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smells Good

I don't do Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, but I did make an exception this week. Walmart already had out their Mainstays Pine scent candle and they are so popular you better buy yours now.

At only $3 I can afford to burn this baby all the time.
I've been burning the Pumpkin Spice flavor all fall and it smells divine. They are super cheap but make the whole house smell great. I've gone through a 3 wick and a 1 wick just this fall.
My favorite non holiday scent is Fresh Linen, love that clean smell.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Bed Makeover

Since Auburn's home football schedule has ended so has the busy guest season at our house. Every weekend we had company so our guest room has gotten a lot of use. We have always just had a bed frame in the guest room but about a year ago I inherited this bed.

The finish was a little too orange for me and was in bad shape so something had to be done. I had originally planned on liming the bed but the more I researched it sounded like I needed a more grainy wood like oak to get the full effect.
I wasn't wanting to paint the bed, I wasn't wanting to stain it and I wasn't wanting to put any money in refinishing it.

So getting inspiration from this
treatment I found 1/2 a can of Jacobean stain in the shed. Since it was oil based, I needed oil paint to mix with it. Our interior trim is painted with oil paint and we had about 1 inch left in the can.

I dumped the stain and most of the paint into a bowl and added about a cup of water. Mixed it together and applied it on the backside of the headboard to test the color. It was little too stainy so I added some more paint and water. Perfect.

I applied the mixture with a paint brush and wiped it in. I did 2 coats.

After it had sort of dried I took a dry brush and dry brushed a tiny bit of white onto the bed to give it a little more dimension. As you can see it was dark by now so I was hoping I hadn't messed it up.

In the morning when the sun came up I was pretty pleased with the result!

Of course since it is an older be the mattress is taller than the foot board, and the pillows cover up the headboard but that is fine.

One of my best thrift store finds is this green houndstooth fabric. It is a great upholstery weight with the houndstooth pattern woven, not printed. It looks darker in the photos but the green is a dark pear green, love it. And guess how much I paid for a bolt. $4!!!! Steal! The backside of the duvet is a vintage sheet with blue flowers to match the quilt. Super simple to make.
The quilt is from TJ Maxx 2009. The ticking sheets are from Target 2008.

This is just a simple room little room. The little desk I decided to keep serves as a vanity to guests.

This cabinet holds my fabric for Paisley Jane. The stained glass window was a gift from a high school friend and it fits perfectly in here. I don't have anywhere in my house to display photos so I put them all in here, which is funny because the people in the photos are the guests that come stay with us.

I keep my smaller pieces of fabric and most used sewing supplies in this cabinet. Organized chaos. I have 3 large tubs in the attic, I need to enroll in a 12 step program to be able to get rid of that fabric.

That is our guest room. Come and stay anytime!!

One more look

Pretty good for zero monies.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend: yes another Auburn game...

Well it is Monday so now you get to read about my weekend.

It started off Friday night where Eric & I were hosts for a couples baby shower for our friends' Matthew & Hannah.
They will be welcoming Cowboy Gunnar in a few weeks so I had to make him a little quilt to play on.

It was the first time I have ever made a "rag" quilt and I enjoyed the lack of perfection that had to be put into the quilt.

Fun times for sure!!

Then Saturday was the usual. My parents were my guests for the Auburn vs Georgia game.

The grass was lookin' mighty fine, I think the best all season. Bo Jackson was recognized before the game for the 25th anniversary of him winning the Heisman. Hopefully Auburn will be having another Heisman ceremony real soon!

Eric let the eagle out for the last time this season
(on the right)

And we had a fly over. It was too cool and I didn't zoom in on this picture, it was pretty close. So loud!

And there was a fight, which was pretty annoying because we lost 2 starters for the first half of the Alabama game. But Georiga was playing dirty the whole game, I probably would have clocked someone too.

But in the end Auburn won. And Cam played and it was awesome!! My favorite sign I saw at the game was "Don't mess with CAM if you can't take the FAM!"

One of Auburn's traditions after a win is to roll Toomer's Corner. It has looked like a blizzard this season but a Georgia fan decided to catch the paper on fire. Luckily it didn't burn the trees or people.

I can't believe that our home football season is over. We still play Alabama and we won the SEC West so we will be going to Atlanta to watch that game!!! It has been a fun season and it is great to be an Auburn Tiger!
We stayed for probably an hour in the stadium after the game. All the players were excited and walking around the stands. They played this great video. If you are an AU fan watch!

war eagle!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I read on a friend's blog last week that Shutterfly is giving away free Christmas Cards to bloggers. Sweet, I'll take 50 please.

They have some really cute photo cards that can either be printed on card stock or photo paper

I can't decide if I want to go with a single photo or multiple photos. We've had a great year and some fun vacations and I would love to share them on our card but not sure that everyone else cares about our year.

They are also offering gift tags

Love this one, it doesn't even look like a Christmas tag

Cute huh?
I usually go to shutterfly several times a week. I store EVERY photo I take on their site. I've learned my lesson it isn't if you computer is going to crash, but when. SAVE YOUR PHOTOS PEOPLE on something more than your computer!! What if you have a tornado or hurricane or flood or fire and all of your photos are living on sd cards, or cds, or hard drives, you will never get them back. If they are stored on the Internet, hopefully they will always be around. I have all of mine categorized so it is super easy to find what I need.

I've never ordered their Christmas Cards but I did order my thank you notes for my wedding from shutterfly and they were beautiful! I also made all of my photo books from my engagement pics, bridal pics, and wedding pics.
I usually like to get all of my Christmas Card going ons by the first week in December. I did have something really cute in mind for this year's card but I don't think I will have time to work it all out. But there is always next year!
So do you send out photo cards? It does seem odd to send out photo cards with just me and Eric and Claire of course but I always enjoy getting cards from our childless friends.
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